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Designed for B2B sales, Leadfeeder shows you the companies visiting your website and helps you get in touch.

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TactikMedia increased their conversion rates 3x by using Leadfeeder.

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AlertOps increased their demo rate 7x within 30 days of using Leadfeeder.

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  • Certified HubSpot integration partner
    Top ranked lead generation tool on Pipedrive Marketplace
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  • Leadfeeder top ranked lead generation tool on Pipedrive Marketplace
    Certified HubSpot integration

How it works

Our integration with Google Analytics enables us to show you exactly which companies visited your site, how they got there, what pages they browsed and, more importantly, their contact information.

Leadfeeder interface
  • Identify

    Turn anonymous website traffic into a list of company names.

    Enrich them with company details and contact persons.

  • Qualify

    Focus on the leads that are of value to your sales team.

    Create custom feeds and filters based on site activity and company profiles.

  • Connect

    Automatically send fresh leads to your CRM and assign them to sales reps.

    Follow companies and send notifications of new leads by email or Slack.

Leadfeeder interface

Built for marketers. Loved by sales and success teams

Get more out of your campaigns, beat competitors to a sale, and improve retention rates. Leadfeeder improves the relationship and performance of critical business functions.

Better marketing

  • Send more qualified leads to sales
  • Attribute leads to PPC, social and Mailchimp campaigns
  • Get insight into high-intent and engaged audiences

More sales

  • Get actionable lead lists matched with buyer personas
  • Book more calls by speaking to prospects with real intent
  • Full CRM integration reduces admin and busywork

Less churn

  • Track key customer account activity on your site
  • Identify customers showing interest in upgrades
  • Predict intent to churn before it happens

Zero installation. Seriously

No scripts or coding. Leadfeeder just requires a Google Analytics account so you can get started instantly. We also support native integration with the most popular CRMs and tools.

  • By connecting Leadfeeder with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, users can research and reach out to qualified prospects without having to toggle between two screens
  • Leadfeeder automatically matches companies in Leadfeeder with organizations in Pipedrive and enables you to create new deals direct from Leadfeeder
  • Leadfeeder’s Mailchimp integration uncovers real people on your website so you know who’s interested in your company and what to say to them
  • You can can connect leads to Salesforce accounts or alternatively create new ones directly from the Leadfeeder interface
  • Filter Leadfeeder leads based on their status in HubSpot and create new tasks and new deals to your HubSpot CRM from Leadfeeder
  • To connect a Leadfeeder lead to a Zoho CRM account you just need to 'click to connect' next to the orange label in the section 'CRM integration'
  • Integrate Leadfeeder with 1000+ apps via Zapier
  • See which website visitors are known to you and exist in your Dynamics already
  • Forward companies we've identified for you in Leadfeeder to Slack automatically
  • Easily send leads from Leadfeeder to your webCRM and create activities on them automatically from the Leadfeeder app
  • Send companies identified in Leadfeeder to G Suite's Hangouts Chat automatically
  • Pull info from Leadfeeder to your Data Studio reports

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Customers love our lead quality, ease-of-use, and native integrations. Most of all, they love getting more actionable leads.

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I recommend Leadfeeder to any B2B company that cares about who is visiting their website and what brought them there.

Simon Cooper, CEO at WeBrand

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We see what brands or companies are coming to the website and [see] what they’re looking at.

Reid Carr, CEO at Red Door Interactive

Leadfeeder knows who’s visiting your website

Free leads from Google Analytics. No extra script installation needed.

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