Advanced Qualification

Learn how to use Leadfeeder to create an ideal customer profile feed & qualify leads by interest through the sales funnel with Leadfeeder's Academy.

a short course by Mike Dry and Andy Culligan

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Course Overview

In this course Mike Dry and Andy Culligan tackle the essential subject of qualification. And it all starts with what in the business we call an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Put simply this is a description of your typical customer and, more importantly, your ideal target prospect. You will learn why having an ICP is important to your qualification efforts and how to create one with Leadfeeder.

Then we will cover best practice techniques for qualifying incoming leads from SDRs, advanced qualification for leads further down the funnel, and how to get a sense for how interested and engaged your prospects really are.

The benefit of all of this is that you will prioritize your leads better and reach out to the best prospects first.

Course Modules

1. The ideal customer profile (ICP)
Define who your ideal prospects and targets are.
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4 min 36 sec
2. Building your ICP
Replace guesswork with real data from your traffic.
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6 min 58 sec
3. Qualifying SDR-worked accounts
Better prioritize the leads that have been handed to you.
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3 min 08 sec
4. Qualification deeper in the funnel
What happens after the first demo or sales call?
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1 min 24 sec
5. How interested is your prospect?
Understand how primed an organisation (not just individual) really is.
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7 min 21 sec
6. More custom feeds to experiment with
In this video, we'll cover some filters you may have missed so far.
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8 min 55 sec
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What You'll Learn

Qualifying leads is an essential part of any sales process. You need to invest your time in the opportunities that are most likely to purchase from you.

However, qualified leads don’t just announce themselves.

So, how do you qualify and prioritize your sales leads?

Sales teams need to define ideal customers and create processes that identify the prospects most likely to convert.

Tools like Leadfeeder can help you automate the lead qualification process and find the best leads at every sales process stage.

This course demonstrates why creating an ideal customer profile (ICP) is essential and how to create one with Leadfeeder.

If you’re just getting started, make sure you’re familiar with the Leadfeeder basics before you continue.

This course includes six short video tutorials that teach you how to use Leadfeeder to create ideal customer profiles and qualify leads throughout the sales funnel.

At the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Create an ideal customer profile (ICP) in Leadfeeder
  • Identify opportunities with the most interest in your product
  • Prioritize prospects at each stage of the sales journey
  • Create custom feeds in Leadfeeder

Lesson 1: The ideal customer profile

Learn what an ideal customer profile is and how it can empower your sales team to focus on the best opportunities and generate more sales.

Lesson 2: Building your ICP

Transform your qualification process from guesswork to insights-driven.

Use real-time data from Leadfeeder to measure the factors that make up your ideal customer profile and automatically identify the best opportunities.

Lesson 3: Qualifying SDR-worked accounts

Learn how to use Leadfeeder to create more efficient collaboration with your sales teams.

In particular, learn how to use Leadfeeder data to gauge a prospect’s interest and see which of your website pages they’re viewing.

Use the tracking data to qualify and prioritize leads that an SDR has already worked with before you.

Lesson 4: Qualification deeper in the funnel

Continue tracking which content your prospects interact with on your website.

Learn how online behavior can inform your account-based marketing strategies and generate new sales opportunities deeper in the funnel.

Lesson 5: How interested is your prospect?

Leadfeeder tracks and reports the website behavior of all your prospects.

Learn how to view your prospect’s online activity in Leadfeeder to identify the opportunities most interested in your offerings.

Sync data with your CRM for seamless reporting along the sales process.

Lesson 6: More custom feeds to experiment with

Leadfeeder can help you monitor prospects that aren’t automatically sent to your CRM.

Discover how Leadfeeder custom feeds can help you identify gaps in your sales process, unfollowed leads, and set follow-up reminders for your team.

Get started managing lead qualification with Leadfeeder

When you’re working a sales funnel of prospective customers, you need to manage your time well.

That’s why creating a lead qualification process is an essential step for any sales-oriented business.

Lead qualification helps your team spend time on the opportunities that have the most interest in your product.

If you want to qualify your leads accurately, it’s best to define a specific process powered by data rather than guesswork.

Leadfeeder empowers your team to use advanced qualification techniques by creating an ideal customer profile and custom feeds that keep your sales team focused on the right opportunities.

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