Aligning Marketing & Sales

Discover how to align your marketing and sales teams in less than 15 minutes. Leadfeeder experts show you to use the tool to close the communication gap.

a short course by Mike Dry and Andy Culligan

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Course Overview

Reduce operating costs and increase high-intent leads for your business. Discover how to bring your sales and marketing teams together using Leadfeeder.

Are you struggling to close the gap between your lead generation efforts and the quality of returned data?

You’re not alone.

Low-quality data is often a result of siloed sales and marketing teams, which creates a communication barrier.

Poor communication across departments = bad for business.


When salespeople and marketers are misaligned, it costs your business an ample amount of time and money.

Here’s the good news:

Leadfeeder works to bring your sales and marketing teams together by streamlining the lead generation process with quality shared data.

In this Aligning Marketing & Sales course on Leadfeeder Academy, Customer Success Lead Mike Dry and Chief Marketing Officer Andy Culligan walk you through how to:

  • Easily import lead lists from marketing into Leadfeeder for efficient prospecting
  • Filter data to increase high-intent leads
  • Refine campaign measurements to analyze lead quality
  • Bring your sales and marketing teams together to improve your sales process

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Course Modules

1. Working with marketers
How to import (and work with) lists from marketing teams.
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4 min 08 sec
2. The missing link
How to link up acquisition with sales activities.
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5 min 39 sec
3. Bring marketing and sales together
A simple experiment for you to try with your teams.
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2 min 46 sec
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What You'll Learn

Lead generation basics

Mastering lead generation starts with basic skills such as identifying, researching, and filtering potential leads.

Learn how to use Leadfeeder’s feeds to easily find and qualify leads and send them to your CRM.

View Leads and Feeds.

Sales prospecting basics

Sales prospecting can be tricky and even downright intimidating without the right process.

Understand how to work through your first prospect and develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to help you find the right people to target.

Leadfeeder makes it easy to integrate information from platforms like LinkedIn when researching potential prospects. You’ll also learn how to organize your prospects and leads with tagging automation.

View Leedfeeder for Sales.

Account-based marketing basics

Marketers use Leadfeeder to turn anonymous website traffic into potential leads and target accounts.

Learn how to identify new prospects and use Leadfeeder’s account-level data to track the effectiveness of your account-based marketing campaigns.

View Leadfeeder for Marketers.

Goals and processes of sales development reps

Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are the frontline of your sales operation.

Understand the key activities and processes SDRs use to find and qualify prospects. See how Leadfeeder helps SDRs improve their efficiency and meet target objectives.

View SDR Goals and Processes.

Advanced lead qualification techniques

Effective lead qualification begins with an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Our advanced course shows you how to use specific criteria to build your ICP and identify your best opportunities.

We’ll show you how you can use Leadfeeder’s custom filters to better qualify leads and uncover the most engaged prospects with Leadfeeder insights.

View Advanced Qualification.

CRM integration and automation

Leadfeeder integrates seamlessly with all major CRM software so you can keep your workflow running efficiently.

In the CRM course, you’ll learn how to send leads to your CRM directly from Leadfeeder. You’ll also find our recommended settings and pro tips for CRM setup.

View Working with your CRM.

Leadfeeder tool demos

Leadfeeder helps sales professionals and marketers turn website traffic into real leads and opportunities.

Discover how Leadfeeder’s various tools support your sales team in building a healthy pipeline. Product demos are available in six languages.

View Leadfeeder Demo Sessions.

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