Leadfeeder Demo Sessions

A selection of demos in different languages

a short course by Mike Dry

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Course Overview

Here you'll find demos of Leadfeeder in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • German

We update these videos periodically to showcase new features and functionality.

Would you like to see another language represented here? Let us know by contacting support with your suggestion at support@leadfeeder.com with the subject title "Academy suggestion"

Course Modules

1. Leadfeeder demo - English
A Leadfeeder demo in English
Icon clock
30 min 43 sec
2. Leadfeeder demo - Swedish
A demo of Leadfeeder in Swedish
Icon clock
21 min 25 sec
3. Leadfeeder demo - Finnish
A demo of Leadfeeder in Finnish
Icon clock
19 min 44 sec
4. Leadfeeder demo - Spanish
A demo of Leadfeeder in Spanish
Icon clock
30 min 08 sec
5. Leadfeeder demo - Dutch
A demo of Leadfeeder in Dutch
Icon clock
31 min 27 sec
6. Leadfeeder demo - German
A demo of Leadfeeder in German
Icon clock
21 min 55 sec
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