Leadfeeder for Marketers

Learn how to identify anonymous website traffic, improve campaign analytics, and scale your account-based marketing in this marketing essentials course.

a short course by Mike Dry and Andy Culligan

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Course Overview

In this course Mike Dry and Andy Culligan team up to explain the benefits website visitor identification has for marketers.

Our marketing users love Leadfeeder because who wouldn’t want to put a company name to otherwise anonymous traffic? But there’s much more to it than that.

In this course you will learn how marketers can use visitor identification for a whole array or marketing activities ranging from getting better ROI data about your campaigns and content pieces, to gaining useful insights about your traffic sources, to implementing and scaling account-based marketing campaigns.

Course Modules

1. How marketers use Leadfeeder
Learn about the marketing benefits our customers have discovered.
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3 min 47 sec
2. Measuring marketing success
How to get better ROI metrics on your campaigns and channels.
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4 min 16 sec
3. Using acquisition filters
Break out traffic based on source… and what to do with the insights.
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4 min 51 sec
4. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
How to scale your ABM programmes with real world intelligence.
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5 min 42 sec
5. Adding and removing Google Analytics views
In this video, we'll show you how to add and remove Google Analytics views in your account.
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2 min 22 sec
6. Reporting with Leadfeeder
In this video you'll learn how to export lead and visit information, and how to use Google Data Studio.
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4 min 18 sec
7. How to add a new website to Leadfeeder
When to add a new website to Leadfeeder, and how to do so.
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4 min 52 sec
8. Starting a new Leadfeeder account
In this video, we cover the reasons why you'd start a new account in Leadfeeder, and how to do so.
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4 min 00 sec
9. Learning on your own with Leadfeeder
In this video we'll explore your options for learning more about Leadfeeder.
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4 min 06 sec
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What You'll Learn

Learn data-driven strategies from the experts to crush your marketing goals

Say goodbye to confusing analytics tools that provide information you can get from Google Analytics or built-in social insights.

Your analytics tools should go beyond the basics and reveal valuable data that expands on what you already know — not give you more of the same low-quality information.

Our business-to-business (B2B) visitor identification software digs deeper and shows you detailed campaign analytics, such as:

  • The acquisition source of the lead
  • How many people visited your website from a specific campaign
  • The total number of web pages viewed and what web pages a contact visits
  • How long someone viewed those specific web pages
  • The company and contact information of the lead

We can also help you monitor essential target accounts to scale up your account-based marketing (ABM) and identify anonymous website traffic to improve your lead generation.

Can your data do that?

We didn’t think so. 😉

Whether you’re a current Leadfeeder customer who wants to expand your marketing skills or a prospective B2B marketer curious about our tool’s benefits, we’ve got you covered.

In this Leadfeeder for Marketers course on Leadfeeder Academy, customer success lead Mike Dry and chief marketing officer Andy Culligan discuss essential marketing basics, like:

  • How current marketing teams leverage Leadfeeder
  • How to get better return on investment (ROI) data for improved metrics
  • How to filter by acquisition source for more detailed campaign analytics
  • Expert tips for reporting insights
  • How to scale your ABM using Leadfeeder

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