Leadfeeder for Sales

Learn sales prospecting basics in this introductory course, from building your Ideal Customer Profile to identifying contacts for personalized outreach.

a short course by Mike Dry

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Course Overview

Develop a strong foundational understanding of sales prospecting with Leadfeeder

Sales prospecting — or the process of identifying potential buyers and nurturing relationships in hopes of transforming them into paying customers — can be tricky to do successfully.

This is especially true if you’re new to the process.


Lack of data quality and differences in lead qualification processes between sales and marketing teams often produces low-intent leads — resulting in wasted time and effort.

Additionally, it can be challenging to understand where to find leads or how to begin prospecting.

However, this doesn’t have to be your experience.

At Leadfeeder, we understand sales prospecting nuances and have developed useful techniques using our tool to help you become a rockstar and exceed sales quotas.

Hint: It begins with having a strong foundational understanding of the basics.

In this Leadfeeder for Sales course on Leadfeeder Academy, Customer Success Lead Mike Dry walks you through:

  • How to identify individual leads in Leadfeeder and view the associated high-intent data
  • How to create an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to ensure you’re focusing on relevant leads
  • How to use Leadfeeder and LinkedIn to identify decision-making contacts for outreach
  • Expert tips on researching prospects for personalized outreach
  • Organization tips with automated tagging
  • How to successfully target enterprise organizations
  • A simple sales process for using Leadfeeder

Course Modules

1. Introduction
In this course, you’ll learn how to use Leadfeeder to build your sales funnel and turn anonymous website traffic into genuine prospects.
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1 min 00 sec
2. Working with your first lead
A quick run through of what you'll see in each lead, and how to view the data it shows.
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7 min 04 sec
3. Creating your ideal customer profile
In this video we'll review the key steps in defining your ICP, and how to find matching prospects in your Leadfeeder account
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6 min 01 sec
4. Using Linkedin to find the right person to target
This video will show you how to use Linkedin to find an appropriate person to target.
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3 min 50 sec
5. Using Leadfeeder contacts
This video covers what Leadfeeder contacts are and how should you use them.
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1 min 54 sec
6. Researching your prospect
Covering how to use a company website, Linkedin, and Leadfeeder data to research your prospect before contacting them.
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5 min 48 sec
7. Creating a routine
Generating value from Leadfeeder requires you to create a routine within the platform.
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2 min 43 sec
8. How to automatically tag organizations
In this video we'll explain our tagging automation and how you can use it to categorise leads based on your own parameters.
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5 min 10 sec
9. Using Leadfeeder to target enterprise organizations
Covers how to find the right person to target when the organisation has a global presence.
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7 min 48 sec
10. Learning about Leadfeeder
In this video we'll learn about the resources we have available for you to learn on your own.
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4 min 06 sec
11. A simple sales process using Leadfeeder
A simple sales process using Leadfeeder
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3 min 21 sec
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What You'll Learn

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