Leads and Feeds

Get started with essential lead generation basics. In this course, you'll learn the basics of leads, feeds, filters, and contacts in Leadfeeder.

a short course by Mike Dry

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Course Overview

Generating leads for sales prospecting is the heart and soul of the sales process and the most challenging to master.


Insufficient data and siloed sales and marketing teams make it difficult to qualify leads and move them through the sales funnel.

Here’s the good news:

There’s a simple solution to get more high-quality leads with no extra effort: Leadfeeder.

No, this isn’t another poorly written article full of bad advice or some “get rich quick” scheme. It’s just modern technology built by pioneers of web analytics for sales and marketing professionals.

In this Leads & Feeds course on Leadfeeder Academy, Customer Success Lead Mike Dry walks you through all the essential functions of Leadfeeder, including:

  • What Leadfeeder considers to be a lead
  • What the basic definition of “feeds” is
  • How Leadfeeder measures lead quality
  • What the best practices for using Leadfeeder with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform are
  • How to modify current feeds
  • What Leadfeeder’s pricing structure look like

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Course Modules

1. What is a Leadfeeder lead?
Definition of a Leadfeeder lead and how to find contacts.
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7 min 15 sec
2. Lead Quality bar explained
In this video we'll cover our definition of 'lead quality' and the data points we use to determine it.
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4 min 31 sec
3. Feeds explained
Understand the basics of feeds and how to create them.
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6 min 45 sec
4. Using the send to CRM automation
Using the send to CRM automation
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2 min 34 sec
5. The “My Open Deals” feed
How to see your open deals from your CRM in Leadfeeder.
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1 min 07 sec
6. Modifying custom feeds
How to adjust feeds that you’ve already created.
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1 min 49 sec
7. How does our pricing work
A quick explanation of how we calculate our pricing.
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3 min 35 sec
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What You'll Learn

Lesson 1: What is a Leadfeeder lead? Leads in Leadfeeder come preloaded with information, including company details and when a lead interacted with your website. Learn how Leadfeeder organizes leads and collects information to help you measure visitor intent and find the right contacts.

Lesson 2: Lead Quality bar explained All of your leads receive a quality score out of ten that’s visualized in the Lead Quality Bar. Discover how Leadfeeder calculates lead quality and how you can access this information on your leads page.

Lesson 3: Feeds explained Feeds let you filter your leads based on qualities that you’re interested in finding. Learn how you can use leads to speed up your qualification process and build an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Once you create feeds, you can use them in automation or integrate them with your other sales tools.

Lesson 4: Using the send to CRM automation Enabling a CRM integration with Leadfeeder makes it easy for you to send leads to your CRM automatically. Learn how you can use automation to send leads to your CRM from a specific feed and fill in fields such as owner and stage.

Lesson 5: The “My Open Deals” feed Leadfeeder’s “My Open Deals” gives you insight into the thought processes of your sales prospects. This lesson teaches you how to open and use this invaluable feed in the CRM section of Leadfeeder.

Lesson 6: Modifying custom feeds Understand how to find the filter settings for all of your custom feeds and delete or change them if necessary. Leadfeeder makes it easy to tailor your custom feeds as your sales process evolves.

Lesson 7: How does our pricing work Leadfeeder doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to pricing. See how Leadfeeder creates its pricing and discover which tier fits your business best.

Get started managing your leads and feeds with Leadfeeder

Prospecting is an essential part of any successful sales process. But it can be a challenge to find the right opportunities and contacts.

Leadfeeder works with your CRM and empowers you to identify which opportunities are more likely to convert.

Furthermore, you can use contact properties and social profiles to research the best person to contact at each target organization.

Get to know Leadfeeder Leads and Feeds with these video courses and set up a simple but powerful prospecting routine to boost your sales funnel.

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