SDR Goals and Processes

Discover what a sales development representative does, best practices for finding and qualifying leads, and how to use Leadfeeder to improve productivity.

a short course by Mike Dry and Andy Culligan

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Course Overview

Uncover effective processes for sales development reps to hit goals and targets. Prepare for faster lead qualification with Leadfeeder.

Sales development representatives (SDRs) are integral to the sales process.


SDRs research prospects, qualify leads, and move them through the sales funnel.

Sure, SDRs may not be the people closing the deal, but there would be no deal to close without them.

Among the key challenges of SDRs is to find leads that are ready to convert into prospective customers.


Finding high-intent leads takes time — something there never seems to be enough of in the sales cycle.

But what if we told you there’s a method to the sales prospecting madness that will put more time back on your schedule and leads in your pipeline?

We know it sounds too good to be true. Hear us out.

Leadfeeder is a powerful sales prospecting tool that uncovers buyer intent data on your website and reveals leads who are interested in your business and looking for solutions right now.

Combine our tool with a few best practices, and you’re ready to smash your sales goals.

In this SDR Goals and Processes course on Leadfeeder Academy, customer success lead Mike Dry and chief marketing officer Andy Culligan walk you through:

  • What a sales development representative (SDR) does
  • Effective processes SDRs use to obtain and qualify leads
  • How to successfully hit SDR goals and targets
  • How to qualify leads faster and better using Leadfeeder

Course Modules

1. What do SDRs do?
Sales development representatives (SDRs) are an essential part of any sales organization. Discover how successful SDRs use Leadfeeder to stay organized.
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2 min 49 sec
2. The SDR process
Learn the common process and steps effective SDRs use.
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3 min 35 sec
3. SDR goals and targets
How SDRs are measured and what impacts their success.
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3 min 01 sec
4. How SDRs use Leadfeeder
Learn how SDRs qualify faster and better using visitor identification.
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3 min 47 sec
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What You'll Learn

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