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3 Quick-fire Ways We've Made Leadfeeder Even Better

I'm Peter, your customer champion here at Leadfeeder. We've listened to your numerous great suggestions for how to improve Leadfeeder and put them into action!

Just look at what you can do now:

#1 Choose when to see your custom feeds in your inbox

Too much lead information in your inbox? Too little? Now you can choose whether to receive weekly or daily email notifications from your feeds and set a whole lot of other variables. It's all about organizing Leadfeeder your way.

#2 Get your questions answered quickly at our new Help Center

Do you have a pressing question that you need answered? Well now's the time to check out whether there's an answer at our newly launched Help Center. We've also created a smart new SHOW ME HOW TO section with beginners guides for the most important stuff.

Visit our Help Center at support.leadfeeder.com.

#3 See what leads to get to work on with "Unhandled" tab

Now you can see quickly and easily inside Leadfeeder the leads that haven't been dealt with! It's simple to hop between All leads, Unhandled and Handled to quickly see what step you should take next.

So go ahead and check out the new features. If don't have a Leadfeeder account already, sign up for one. It takes only a couple of minutes, doesn't cost anything and you get these and all the other Premium features free for a month.

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