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–Reid C.

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Leadfeeder uses Google Analytics to show companies that visit your website. This Custom Report for Google Analytics shows similar data to Leadfeeder but without all the useful functionality that makes the data easily actionable in Leadfeeder.

You can use this report to validate your Leadfeeder data or see what’s possible with Google Analytics if you’re still not using Leadfeeder to generate B2b leads for free.

How to add a Custom Report in Google Analytics

Adding Custom Reports is simple. Just click here and select the Google Analytics View you want use the Custom Report with. After selecting the View you’ll be automatically redirected to your new report.

Adding a Custom Report is a single click operation

Once you’ve done that the Custom Report will be available to you but not to others. To share it with other people click ‘Add to Dashboard’.

Lead generation custom report for Google Analytics

What does this Custom Report show you?

After adding the report, you’ll see companies that have visited your website, as the screen shot above shows. The list has been filtered to exclude Internet Service Providers and sorted by Pages / Session. If you click one of the companies, you’ll see on which days they visited.

Note that there are 4 tabs in your report. By clicking any of the tabs you can view companies with most visitors, visitor location or visited page. The fifth tab is for those who would like better data, more tools to make it actionable and automated lead generation with Leadfeeder.

You can use the geographical location tab to see leads from certain countries. Click on that tab and select a country from the map or from the list below.

If you want to track companies that have visited a certain page, select the fourth tab and select page title from the list. Simple and powerful.

To understand more about this Custom Report and the 3 other options for generating B2B leads with Google Analytics and Leadfeeder then read this complete guide to Leadfeeder vs. Google Analytics for lead generation on our blog.

How do I filter out ISPs?

This Custom Report already includes a filter to get rid of ISPs. However, you might also want to filter out ISPs from your other Google Analytics reports or expand the filtering list. The best way to do this is to create a segment called No ISPs and define a condition that Service Provider does not match regex:

(not set)|customer|bredband|internet|broadband|network|dna oy|cablecom|tele|dsl|telecom|residential|vodafone|subscriber pool|china|comcast|addresses|telefonica|wifi|client|routed|leased line|communication|verizon|bredband|google|hosting|zscaler|road runner|unknown|provider|t-mobile|telkom|sprint|at-t|wimax|wireless|province|cable|dial-up|service provider|netblock|elisa|sonera|at&t|assigned|sl-cgn|block|consumers|kpn|telia|city of|tdc|hubspot

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