Leadfeeder Product News: Now You Can Collaborate Using G-Suite Hangouts Chat

We’ve got some good news for those sales teams that must organize and collaborate their lead qualification process across channels!


Now, besides our Slack integration, Leadfeeder is excited to announce a new collaboration-focused integration and partnership with Google’s G-Suite Hangouts Chat. This adds just one more way Leadfeeder users can successfully make sure team members have quick access to the leads that are hot, and quickly let their coworkers know who to contact, and why.

Best of all, this integration between Leadfeeder and Hangouts Chat is available for all our Trial and Premium membership-level clients.

Here’s step-by-step guide how to get started with connecting this Hangout Chat integration to your Leadfeeder.

Once you’ve successfully integrated Leadfeeder to your Hangouts Chat space, you can send Leadfeeder leads to Hangouts Chat. We have added a new button, “Send to Hangouts Chat,” in the Lead Details section of your Leadfeeder dashboard. By clicking on this new button, the chat space list will open up. Choose the space you want to send the lead to and click “Send.”


The lead will enter the space with the following format:


Also, a following @ sign will show up on your Company List indicating this lead was already sent to your Hangouts Chat:


Furthermore, you can filter the leads already sent to Hangouts Chat. Click on the “Create New Feed” button on the right hand side (you may need to close the lead you are currently viewing by clicking “X,” on the top right) and apply the filter as below:


And have no fear: We have more amazing integration news coming at you in 2018, stay tuned!

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