Partnership News: Leadfeeder and HubSpot Team Up!

Leadfeeder is happy to announce that our partnership with HubSpot has arrived! Now, Leadfeeder customers and free trial users can integrate with one of the hottest CRMs out there and use the power of both platforms to create the perfect lead management process.

Why did we launch this?

Well, Leadfeeder users have spoken, and we’ve responded. In fact, HubSpot was the No. 1 CRM request we received during our 2018 customer survey analysis. After working hard to make the integration a success, our Beta users gave us the thumbs-up and we’re ready to launch to all new and current customers.

Bonus! Due to our recent launch with Zapier, there’s now even more ways you can use Leadfeeder and Hubspot together, plus several other solutions you use to enhance the power of these platforms. With Zapier and Leadfeeder, you can also use Base,, Insightly, Google Sheets, and several more popular tools.

For more ideas on how to make your marketing and sales toolstack play nice, visit our Leadfeeder and Zapier Zaps page.

Ready to get started using the new HubSpot integration? Let’s dive in…

How do I connect my Hubspot CRM with Leadfeeder?

First, make sure you have Administrator Privileges for the HubSpot CRM account you want to connect with your Leadfeeder account. After you secure the right access, it’s quite simple. Go to and select the Leadfeeder account you want to connect to your Hubspot CRM—see the image below. Then, click on HubSpot.


Follow the steps and instructions from there to complete your integration setup. A bit of algorithm magic happens, and voila, once you’ve completed the steps—the integration will begin loading. After it’s complete, select your HubSpot Companies and Deals in the About section and click on View all Properties to add two fields to the Properties section: Latest Leadfeeder Visit and View in Leadfeeder. These two short videos show you how to accomplish both steps…

Complete your integration setup - step 1

Complete your integration setup - step 2

After your HubSpot integration is complete, you’re ready to send leads to your HubSpot CRM. You can read this Support article here to get the ball rolling.

How do I manage leads from Leadfeeder to HubSpot?

Great question! Once you’ve successfully integrated Leadfeeder to your HubSpot CRM you can connect Leadfeeder leads to Hubspot CRM Companies & Deals.

To connect a lead to HubSpot CRM, take an interesting lead from Leadfeeder to HubSpot CRM by clicking on “Connect to HubSpot CRM as company.”


Once you’ve done this, you can either, create a new company, or connect to an existing company in your HubSpot CRM. Cool factor alert: Oftentimes, Leadfeeder Automatic Matching will connect Leadfeeder leads to your existing Hubspot companies so you don’t have to do much but kick-back and watch this “power couple” do their thing!

See the image below.


After connecting a lead with your HubSpot CRM, existing visits will appear as Notes—see the image below for details.


By clicking on Expand, more details will open. It’s here you can see other great ways to use these two powerful platforms in tandem with additional actions you can take, such as:

  • Create new tasks to send to your HubSpot CRM from Leadfeeder.
  • Create new deals to HubSpot CRM.
  • Filter Leadfeeder leads based on their status in HubSpot—for instance, filter those leads where there is no Open Deal.


What Our Customers Are Saying…

Custodian360 have been using Leadfeeder for 18 months and have found it to be incredible value for the money, and the leads it identifies that others fail to make, made Leadfeeder our choice. The only missing piece was an integration with our CRM platform, it was a bit laborious entering leads manually. Not anymore though, finally the Leadfeeder HubSpot integration is here and feeds leads directly into our CRM without us doing anything. Love it.”

Andy James, Director & Co-founder at

LeadFeeder’s customer service is awesome. Jason Watt was unbelievably helpful to me when I called to ask questions about the latest HubSpot integration. He gave me a lot of great tips and helped me to understand how the integration makes LeadFeeder more useful. I now get notifications about contacts in my CRM viewing my website and I can see the services they are interested in before I make contact.”

Lisa Laseter, Account Executive at

At FAIR consulting group, we are very happy with the HubSpot CRM integration. We have been building a lead generation funnel and trying to build a comprehensive tech stack to help us qualify potential B2B leads. We were struggling with how we could integrate our various products. We really liked Leadfeeder and how it summarized the data for us. Now that we can use it with HubSpot, we can pinpoint opportunities and really get the most out of our data. We really look forward to the continual growth of Leadfeeder and are hoping for a HubSoit marketing integration in the near future!”

Brandon Chaplin, Digital Marketing Lead at

We use both HubSpot and Leadfeeder everyday as a [combined] sales, inbound marketing and CRM tool. The seamless integration between these two means that I can process the customer data flexibly and save time without manual transfer of customer information. The stability of the integration is superb!

Jukka Kaitala, Account Executive at

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