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Leadfeeder identifies the companies already visiting your website and converts them into high-value leads to fuel your pipeline.

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 Steve Jackson

CEO, Quru

We thought we were on the right track using Google Analytics to generate online leads, but it wasn’t cutting it. With Leadfeeder we gather accurate website visitor info and pass onto relevant sellers.

Samu Hällfors

VP, Framery

By using Leadfeeder for online lead generation we’ve increased the amount of qualified sales leads by 34%. We send website leads directly to our Pipedrive using Leadfeeder’s Pipedrive integration.

Steve jackson
Steve jackson

Uncover sales leads in your current website traffic 

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Make your sales team happy

Sales teams get instant access to a quality, prioritised lead list. All you need to do is install Leadfeeder on your site.


True campaign measurement

At last, you can see what traffic sources bring target companies to your site. Close the measurement gap from click to sale.


Find ready-to-buy sales leads

Companies that visit your website are much more likely to buy than those who have never heard of you. Don't let those ready-to-buy leads escape.


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Here's why 80,000+ users love Leadfeeder

80k+ salespeople, marketers, and agencies use Leadfeeder to get better results

Identify companies browsing your website

Leadfeeder identifies the names of the companies visiting your website.

  • Turn anonymous website traffic into real company names. 
  • View enriched company and contact information. 
  • See exactly what each account browses on your website.            
See your leads

Qualify leads and focus on value

Only focus on high-value prospects. 

  • Use behavioral and firmographic data filters to segment the leads with the highest potential
  • Follow specific industries or companies and get timely notifications when new leads come in. 
  • See exactly what each company views, watches, and downloads on your website
Find high-value prospects

Connect to your favorite sales & marketing tools

Send companies information to the tool you already use.

  • Automatically send qualified leads to your CRM or marketing automation system. 
  • Automatically create deals, assign owners, set tasks and more in your CRM.
  • Customize your sales outreach with the most recent visitor interactions sync'd to your CRM.
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