Who visits your website?

Do you know who visited your website? Do you know who didn't fill your contact form? Are you sure you are reaching the right customers with your ads? When did your most important customer last visit your site? Are your customers reading your content?
Leadfeeder tells you.

Why it's important to know who visits your website?

How lead generation can help sales teams n your company

Lead generation

Leadfeeder can generate new sales leads for your sales people from your website visitors. Did you know that companies that have already seen your site are more than 400% more probable to buy from you?

Case study: Quru generated more than 34% more leads with Leadfeeder. »

How Leadfeeder can help your digital marketing

Validate marketing

Even if your search ads are generating good amount of traffic, is that traffic from right companies? Leadfeeder shows you which companies have visited your website and you can sort visitors by source.

Guide: How to use Leadfeeder to increase your marketing ROI »

Increase your marketing ROI with Leadfeeder

Customer insight

Do your customers spend time consuming your content? Are you writing your white papers for the right people? It's not only how many times your content has been read but also who reads it.

Case study: Prescreen's lead generation strategy improved their hit rate by 85% »

How can I learn who visits my website?

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5 minute signup

Leadfeeder integrates to your Google Analytics and you can see companies visiting your website right after the sign up. No new scripts to install!

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Add integrations

Leadfeeder integrates to your CRM and with our Mailchimp integration you can get even better insight on your email campaigns.

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Start lead generation

Invite your team

Your teams and sales people can filter your website visitors as they want so that they are always as relevant as possible. Adding new users is free.

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Our sign up takes only a few minutes to complete and you'll see your website visitors immediately after the sign up thanks to our Google Analytics integration. No credit card needed.
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Hear from our customers

picture of Mariia Bocheva

Leadfeeder helps to identify bottlenecks and bounce pages to optimize the sales funnel.

Mariia Bocheva
Business Analyst

picture of Danny Richman

I love how Leadfeeder allows me to see exactly how my visitors behave.

Danny Richman
SEO consultant
SEO Training London

picture of Prescreen.io team

Converting a cold call into a qualified lead is over 85% more probable with Leadfeeder.

Prescreen.io team
Applicant tracking software

picture of Annah Persson

Leadfeeder gives us the edge on our competitors by unmasking our visitors.

Annah Persson Rajkovic
Marketing Manager
KOMPAN Barnland AB

These companies know who visited them

Roima Intelligence
Capacent People Group

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Frequently asked questions and answers

How does Leadfeeder work?

We show you companies that have visited your website and information on those companies and their visits.

Are these real companies

Yes. To be exact, the visits came from the networks of the companies you see in Leadfeeder.

Can I use it for many websites?

Yes, as many as you like. Some of our users have dozens of website generating leads for their businesses.

My customers would love that!

We have a partner program that is suitable for sales consultants, digital agencies and such. Read more!

Can I see contact information for leads?

Unfortunately not in most cases. But would you want that every webmaster would see your email address?

How can I find the contact people, then?

We have many good lead generation tips and tricks in our blog. Most often this is not a problem.

So who visited my website?

There's only one way to know. Sign up and you'll see.

Why everyone is not already feeding leads?

Great question. You don't want to be one of those anymore, do you?