best sales podcasts 2021

The Best Sales Podcasts in 2021, According to Our Sales Team

31 March 2021

If you want to stay at the top, you've got to keep learning -- and podcasts are one of the favorite ways for the Leadfeeder team to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. 

Podcasts aren't new -- the first podcast was published way back in 2004, when former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer, created a program callediPodder so they could listen to internet radio broadcasts on their iPods. 

Today, podcasts are a billion dollar industry

bugs bunny counting money reaction

It's easy to see why: podcasts are great for on-the-go, hands-free content consumption. Listening is easy to do while running, commuting, walking your dog, or any number of other 20 to 30-minute activities. 

A white paper? Not so much. 

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Top 16 podcasts for sales professionals 

Sales is a fast-changing industry. AI, digital growth, and the shift to online meetings has made sales more challenging than ever. So how do you stay in the loop? Here are 16 of the best sales podcasts including where you can listen to each one.  

1. Limitless 

Topics: Digitally connected buyer, video prospecting, Salesforce, direct mail 

Hosts: Sanjana Murali, Vivek Siva, and Nikhil Premanandan from the Hippo Video Team 

Average length: Under 40 minutes

Where to listen: Stitcher or iTunes 

Limitless is a powerful sales podcast run by the team at Hippo video. They release one episode every week with guides, tips, and interviews with top sales and marketing thought leaders. Each episode unveils limitless possibilities for sales and marketing professionals with valuable lessons from contemporary thought leaders. 

2. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Topics: B2B goal setting, routines, finding prospects, improving close rates 

Hosts: Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale

Average length: 20 minutes 

Where to listen: Stitcher or iTunes

advanced selling podcast logo

Each episode is a deep-dive look at designing sales strategies that work towards revenue and growth goals. They take a funny, quirky approach to topics like how to shift the sales mindset and the impact of building long-term relationships with clients.  Bryan Neale also works as an NFL ref, and Caskey is the founder of Sales Leadership Academy. 

3. Ramp  

Topics: SaaS analytics, driving startup sales, growth marketing 

Host: Cara Hogan of InsightSquared

Average length:  20 minutes 

Where to listen: Stitcher  

Short, snappy podcasts targeting sales in the SaaS field with a specific focus on SaaS analytics.  The podcast's broader focus is on using data and analytics to understand your leads, your pipeline, your funnel, your targets – and how to use that data and resulting insights to drive growth. Not many sales-related podcasts include deep-dives into data, so if you’re working in a more data-centric environment, Ramp is an ideal listen.

4. B2B Growth Show

Topics: B2B sales, personal branding, remote working 

Hosts: James Carbary of Sweet Fish Media (and others) 

Average length:  40 minutes (though a few are in the 10 minute range) 

Where to listen: Stitcher or iTunes 

b2b growth podcast logo

A daily podcast targeted specifically at B2B sales teams, which is helpful because people have been predicting their demise for years now. The topics offer tons of practical insights, such as how to tailor your LinkedIn profile for lead generation, how to lead with data, and service-based industries. They currently have more than 1,400 episodes, so there's plenty of content to dig into. 

5. Sales Fuel 

Topics: Startup sales, closing, becoming a sales manager, COVID prospecting 

Hosts: Steli Efti, CEO of 

Average length: 15 minutes 

Where to listen: SoundCloud 

A monthly(ish) podcast with sales hacks and strategies from Steli Efti, Silicon Valley's "most prominent sales hustler." Each episode includes hacks and strategies to help increase your close rate, build better relationships, and advance your career. Guests include several strong names, like Gary Vanderchu. There's also a "Women in Sales" series, where's Rebecca Lua interviews the top women in sales. 

6. Conversations with Women in Sales 

Topics: Community building, social selling, sales career advice

Hosts: Barb Giamanco and Lori Richardson

Average length:  Around 30 minutes 

Where to listen: iTunes 

A bi-monthly podcast started by Barb Giamanco, and now hosted in her memory. Each episode interviews a woman in the sales industry about topics related to career growth and effective sales strategies. Recent guests include Lindsey Boggs of Citrix and Chantel George of LinkedIn. 

7. Sales Gravy

Topics: Account management, follow ups, fear of rejection 

Host: Jeb Blount 

Average length:  15 minutes (a few hit the 40 minute mark) 

Where to listenStitcher

Hosted by the author of "People Buy You", Sales Gravy is a motivating podcast for sales professionals looking to take their careers and sales to the next level. Topics include strategies to grow sales as well as tips for growing your personal brand. Episodes include short daily podcasts as well as longer, in-depth guides so you can listen no matter how much time you have. 

8. The Salesman Podcast 

Topics: B2B sales, business, psychology 

Hosts: Will Barron, award-winning sales podcaster and influential blogger

Average length:  35 minutes 

Where to listen: iTunes , YouTube

the salesman podcast logo

You can listen to this podcast as a standard audio file or in a YouTube version, which is nice. The podcast covers really interesting topics including bringing on an FBI negotiator to teach you how to get through to anyone and a conversation with thought leader and coach Carole Mahoney on why the future of sales is about people, rather than technology.

9. In the Arena 

Topics: Sales skills, optimization, sales calls planning 

Host: Anthony Iannarino, world-famous speaker, author and sales leader

Average length:  45 to 60 minutes 

Where to listen: Stitcher 

It has been about a year since this podcast was updated, but there are still more than 100 episodes for you to dig into. Anthony shares knowledge on a whole range of subjects important for startups, enabling you to build expertise fast. 

At Leadfeeder, we’ve found Anthony to be very willing to provide fantastic free advice and his personableness really comes through in these interviews with world-renowned names like David Allen, Seth Godin, Amy Franko, and Jay Baer. Favorite topics include “Why every salesperson needs to learn how to tell and sell" and "What is the future of social media?"

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10. Sales Enablement (Formerly Accelerate) 

Topics: Brand building, Diversity in sales, selling with a purpose, B2B sales  

Host: Andy Paul,  sales leader, author, speaker and consultant

Average length:  45 minutes 

Where to listen: Stitcher 

Billed as "the world's most candid, inspiring sales podcast," Andy packs his podcasts full of people with very real experience in the field, like Co-Founder of Pipedrive Timo Rein and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Eric Barker. Podcasts are published at least three times a week (often more), so there's always a ton of great new content to dig into. 

11.  Sales Influence: Why People Buy 

Topics: Branding, email marketing, 

Host: Victor Antonio

Average length:  45 to 55 minutes 

Where to listen: Stitcher, iTunes 

Today's consumers are more skeptical than ever before. How do you sell in this environment? Victor tackles studies in consumer behavior and neuromarketing to help sales teams build revenue. New podcasts are posted twice a month and include interviews, deep dives, and case studies. The episodes are longer (usually around 45 minutes), so this is a good one for commuting or whenever you have a solid chunk of time. 

12. Same Side Selling Podcast 

Topics: B2B prospecting, sales during a crisis, retaining top talent 

Host: Ian Altman 

Average length:  30 minutes (a few are in the 5-6 minute range) 

Where to listen: Stitcher 

same side selling logo

A B2B-focused sales podcast hosted by B2B selling expert and former CEO Ian Altman. Includes interviews with some of the top minds in sales, inspiration to grow, and actionable takeaways you can put to use. It's been a few weeks since they posted a new episode, but they have a catalog of more than 250 episodes, so there's still plenty of content to dig into! 

13.  The Sales Hacker Podcast 

Topics: Sales tips, lead gen, account based marketing, sales psychology, B2B, and sales and marketing alignment 

Host: Sam Jacobs

Average length:  30 minutes and 5 minutes  

Where to listen: Stitcher 

This twice-weekly podcast hosted by Sam Jacobs includes two formats, a short "Friday Fundamentals" episode that covers topics fast and a longer, in-depth interview with some of the top minds in sales. Recent guests include Jake Sorofman, Luke Rogers, and Trish Bertuzzi. I love the mixed format that allows you to listen to a quick podcast if you're short on time or dive deeper with the longer episodes. 

14. The Sales Podcast 

Topics: Leadership, persuasion, growth strategies 

Host: Wes Schaeffer

Average length:  15 to 45 minutes 

Where to listen: Stitcher 

What I love best about this podcast is that Wes is very off-the-cuff. This isn't only about sales in the typical sense — like how to nail an appointment with the C-suite-- it’s also about copywriters and marketers, who are pretty key ingredients when it comes to driving sales. Wes has recorded more than 450 podcasts at this point, and shows no signs of slowing down. One of my favorite recent episodes was "Are You Holding Yourself Hostage," an interview with Dr. Mark Goulston about how to think like innovators like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. 

15. Sales Success Stories 

Topics: B2B Sales, enterprise sales, SaaS Sales, government sales 

Host: Scott Ingram

Average length:  30 to 120 minutes 

Where to listen: Stitcher

Scott’s series doesn’t go down the usual route of calling up some big names and asking for favours. He’s “100% focused on deconstructing world class sales performers instead of the more traditional interviews with ‘sales experts’ who haven’t actually sold anything, but themselves, in years or decades.” 

This is a personal project of Scott’s and that comes through in these podcasts, which cover areas traditionally sidelined in sales, like the power of empathy and showing up for yourself. 

16. Get in the Door 

Topics: Goal setting, closing, professional behavior,  negotiation training 

Host: Bill Hellkamp and Scott Plum 

Average length:  30 minutes 

Where to listen: iTunes, Stitcher 

A sales leadership, training and development podcast hosted by Bill Hellkamp and Professor Scott Plum of Minnesota Sales Institute. This podcast delivers fresh, relevant tips for helping sales professionals grow in the fast-changing field of sales. Rather than focusing solely on sales tactics, they dig into how sales professionals can evolve and be prepared for the future. 

17. Sales Feed - Tales from the Field

Topics: Sales, career

Host: Amy Volas

Average length: 15 minutes

Where to listen: WebsiteBuzzsproutiTunesSpotify

Tales from the Field podcast is hosted by Amy Volas and offers candid conversations with sales practitioners and leaders about missteps and failures in their sales careers and what they've learned from them.

18. Sales Feed - Full Funnel

Topics: Sales news, sales tips

Host: Tyler Lessard and Rajiv Nathan

Average length: 10 minutes

Where to listen: WebsiteBuzzsproutiTunesSpotify

Full Funnel is a weekly sales news and tips show featuring Tyler Lessard and Rajiv Nathan, where every episode covers three hot topics in less than 10 minutes.

The tip of the sales audio iceberg

Sales can be a challenge. If you can use some help meeting your targets – and who among us doesn’t – you need to discover new ways of approaching your craft. And if you’re working out after a tough day, why not spend 30 minutes with one of the above podcasts to embrace these new perspectives?

What other sales podcasts would you recommend? If they’re not explicitly about sales, have any of them given you really tangible sales advice from a different context or perspective?

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Anna Crowe
By Anna Crowe

Anna is the Assistant Editor for Search Engine Journal and Content Strategy Lead at Leadfeeder. Over the last 9 years, Anna has successfully developed and implemented online marketing strategies, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes; from the Fortune 500, to startups, and nonprofits. She enjoys burritos and puppies (in that order).

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