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Our longtime customer, WeBrand, uses Leadfeeder to increase client retention.

Watch the founder of this California-based marketing agency explain how he folds Leadfeeder into his business internally and externally →

Kelly Campbell

Blockquote Leadfeeder has a lot of offer for my needs, like the integration with LinkedIn which is super helpful, the company name, how many visits—not just how many visits for that particular session or for the user, but also have they been there on-site previously. That quality indicator. All of that is way more important to me, and Leadfeeder does that better than any of the competition I’ve tried in the past. Blockquote

Kelly Campbell,
Agency Growth Consultant, Digital Web Consulting
Julie Huval

Blockquote My role is to generate leads that fill up our sales funnel—or the top of the marketing funnel. The way that we use Leadfeeder is really to figure out which prospects are visiting our website and figuring out the best way to reach out to them. Maybe they haven't yet reached out to us either, but now we can be proactive in marketing to them and getting them into our sales funnel. Leadfeeder helps us do that. Blockquote

Julie Huval,
Head of Marketing, Beck Technology Ltd

Mira Kuusinen

Blockquote I would definitely recommend Leadfeeder, purely for the fact it’s such an easy and clear way to check website visitors. The simplicity and clearness is the most stand-out feature. Plus, it takes just a few seconds to check the relevant leads. Blockquote

Mira Kuusinen,
Junior Consultant, Futurelab
Marc Albani

Blockquote We have considered and used other products and solution, and I was looking at what other tools are out there at our disposal for developing the business. But then found them too expensive for what we got out of them, which is why we opted for Leadfeeder. The value and what it delivers is far better than what we’ve tried in the past. Blockquote

Marc Albani,
Marketing and Communication Director, TecSurge

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Blockquote Every morning I huddle up with our sales team and share the leads we’ve identify as visiting our website from the day before. We have a whole whiteboard for these, we call these the “Glengarry” leads. These are the leads that are showing a ton of activity on our site. Blockquote
Nathan Rofkahr,
Director of Growth, AlertOps

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Blockquote Clients are always very impressed by the quality of leads that Leadfeeder brings on top. They love to have more information about who visits their website and also it helps us to make them understand the importance of their website has the first impression of a lot of potential clients. Blockquote
Vincent Lambert,
Co–Founder and President, Tactikmedia

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Blockquote As the number of visitors on our website has risen, so has the potential to turn these visitors into customers. While it is not possible to get each visitor to convert by giving us their contact information, with Leadfeeder we can still recognize and contact a large part of them. Blockquote
Johanna Rytkonen,
Marketing & Communications Manager, Triuvare

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