Find out how TactikMedia increased conversion rates 3X and scored big wins for clients with Leadfeeder.

We are a B2B digital marketing agency located in Canada with a specialization in lead generation, so it just makes sense that we would use Leadfeeder, a sales lead generation tool, for ourselves, and our clients. Using Leadfeeder resulted in our firm, TactikMedia, scoring big wins for our clients. Throughout this case study, we’d like to share our experiences, use cases and process for making the most of Leadfeeder.

Our Leadfeeder Journey

When Leadfeeder was introduced to TactikMedia, we jumped onboard due to its ability to surface new leads in an easier way than merely using Google Analytics. Now, we have more than 600 accounts using the Leadfeeder app.

To begin, in 2017, we added two updates for most of our recurring clients. The first was to install Leadfeeder on our recurring clients’ websites, and the second was to add a live chat bot to their accounts as well. Both of these improvements offered an increase in the number of leads for our clients, in addition to other improvements.

Leadfeeder’s platform offers our clients all the required information they are looking for to enhance demand generation strategies, and it provides information which can be difficult to ascertain from other tools.

For instance: Is there anything on the market like Leadfeeder which gives you regular feeds on the prospects visiting your website showing interest but somehow not able to complete your B2B on-site forms?

No. And that’s why our clients love Leadfeeder.

We also enjoy Leadfeeder because it plays nicely with many other significant apps we already use, for example: LinkedIn, PipeDrive, MailChimp and, of course, Google Analytics. Most importantly, Leadfeeder gives a clear view of the companies that visited our clients’ websites and their activity on their websites, too.

Clients are always very impressed by the quality of leads that Leadfeeder brings on top. They love to have more information about who visits their website and also it helps us to make them understand the importance of their website has the first impression of a lot of potential clients. Vincent Lambert, Co–Founder and President, TactikMedia

Why TactikMedia & Our Clients Use Leadfeeder.

Leadfeeder is unique because it partners with Google Analytics to offer quality website traffic data and identifies companies visiting our website, and our clients’. Now we can recognize specific sales leads, and best of all, Leadfeeder can be setup to notify us and/or client(s) every time the same company visits again.

Leadfeeder helped us improve our funnel stages as well as measurement capabilities for clients. At the same time, it also helped in improving our client’s reach due to its Contacts Features, and organization-level history about past deals and activities. Important to also note, Leadfeeder has a simple user interface which complements the sales process making the transition really smooth.

For TactikMedia, the process of creating the perfect sales funnel felt a little tedious in the beginning, due to manually going through each company that has visited the website and filtering some in and some out. But this manual labor was short, quick, and once it passed, it became very easy to use and stay up-to-date on our new website traffic data and ascertain leads in the sales intelligence we received.

Our website was designed to be a lead-generating machine, and this goes for most of our clients, too. Like our clients, we too utilize many digital marketing techniques, such as SEO, SEM, email marketing, and Linkedin outreach, to enrich our traffic. But as many B2B businesses know, prospects don’t always fill out the essential forms to capture anonymity and help a website visitor become a solid lead. Now this doesn’t have to be such a huge problem for us—Leadfeeder works as the best solution to this problem.

Of course, our client’s key concern is to bring traffic from various channels to their websites and make the website a pleasant place to navigate. Leadfeeder also makes auditing a client website easier because it lets you know with which pages and content companies engaged with on a given website, how long they stayed on pages they clicked on, what posts they read, what they downloaded, and as a result, we get a clear picture of what needs to be improved, and what’s working well.

Choosing a Leadfeeder Strategy

Whether your sales team splits your market share via geographical area, by person, or by product, Leadfeeder’s Custom Feed feature can be used to create your Leadfeeder Feeds and send notifications to the appropriate person, either via Slack, email or Google Chat.

At TactikMedia, our sales team is divided by geographical market and hence we have created feeds following such a division. Our present feeds are created differently for every smaller region. If we recruit new salespeople in the coming times and the regional splits change somehow, it is easy to reassign the individual feeds to this new person rather than re-building it again.


For us here at TactikMedia, with Leadfeeder, it is now much easier to make conversation with a potential client on the phone. Here are some details of the benefits we’ve experienced using Leadfeeder:

  • During potential client calls, we can show prospects which companies visit their website, and which services, content and pages interest them most.
  • We can audit email campaigns using the MailChimp and/or Zapier integrations. From this, we learned, it is clear that prospects do not receive any emails with the information they have any interest in. So we are working to fix that!
  • TactikMedia is now tracking open deals in Leadfeeder and has closed many more with Leadfeeder’s insights. One of the insights we gleaned from this process, is that many companies visiting our site are not only viewing our social media services, they also look at the pages of every team member, which tells us this information is important to our potential clients. We now know customers wish to know who works for our company, and what expertise they have.
  • Utilizing the Leadfeeder LinkedIn Contacts Feature, now our clients can ascertain if a prospect’s social media presence is a good fit for sales. Leadfeeder also displays old connections and existing clients and this enables us to rekindle more business with earlier clients.
  • We have improved our client’s website content based on the behavior of important prospects on their website. Knowing which content potential leads have been actually looking at and for makes it easier for salespeople to start a conversation with a potential client and also use this data intelligence to understand better how they can actually help.


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