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All paid plans come with the same features

Unlimited users icon

Unlimited users

Unlike other providers we only charge you for leads. We have no user limits so you can invite the whole team at no added cost.

Custom feeds icon

Custom feeds

Create custom lead lists by segmenting your companies using dozens of attributes based on what they do or who they are.

LinkedIn connection icon

LinkedIn connection

You’ll see who you’re connected to at a visiting company, which makes it ridiculously easy to research them or reach out.

Company details icon

Company details

You can view important company info, like location, industry, number of employees, LinkedIn page and contact info.

Powerful filtering icon

Powerful filtering

Easily filter out companies that you're not interested in. Only see (and pay for) leads that are relevant to your business.

Mailchimp people view icon

Mailchimp people view

Send an email to someone with Mailchimp and Leadfeeder will show you exactly what that person did on your website after clicking.

Visit details icon

Visit details

See exactly what companies do on your website and how they found you. Use that information to improve your sales pitches and evaluate your online marketing.

CRM integrations icon

CRM integrations

Imagine you’ve got a deal in your CRM and you’re wondering when to follow up. Leadfeeder notifies you when they’re back.

Priority support & training icon

Priority support & training

Our team of marketing and sales experts is always on hand to help you achieve your goals and with Premium you get priority.

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Average lead–to–deal conversion rate:

Average monthly return ($)(€): 360,000
Return on investment: 100,000%


  • What happens at the end of my free trial of Premium?

    At the end of your trial your Leadfeeder will be automatically downgraded to the free version of Leadfeeder, called Leadfeeder Lite, and you won’t be charged anything. But if you have purchased a Premium subscription during your trial period you will automatically continue with Premium at the end of your free 14-day trial.

  • Can you estimate which Premium plan I will need before I sign up?

    Nope, but that’s why we make it so easy to test out Leadfeeder. There’s not a formula we can apply based on your website traffic volume that would enable us to know how what percentage are Internet Service Providers or unique visits. (Pricing is monthly based on the number of unique companies visiting your website after filtering of ISPs.)

  • Is there any way I can extend my free trial of Premium?

    Yes, it’s possible to extend your free trial by an additional 14 days. When you sign up to Leadfeeder you will receive a unique personal link. If you share your link and someone signs up for Leadfeeder you’ll get a trial extension of 14 days.

  • For how many websites can I get a free trial?

    You can have a free Leadfeeder trial for as many websites as you wish – provided those websites have not had a free trial in the past.

  • Can I track all my websites with one login ID?

    With Leadfeeder you have one login ID and with that one login ID you can monitor as many websites as you like with Leadfeeder. Websites are kept separate in Leadfeeder and in the interface you just hop between them. Subscriptions are per website, or “Leadfeeders” as we call them.

  • Are Premium subscriptions monthly or annual?

    We offer monthly and annual Premium subscription options. If you are paying monthly each month we charge your credit card and you can cancel, downgrade or upgrade at any time – plus there’s no minimum notice period for cancellations. If you are paying annual you will get a 10% discount on your price tier.

  • Can I hide companies I’m not interested in paying for?

    Yes, you can and it’s very straightforward. You just press the “hide” button when you wish to hide a non-interesting company and Leadfeeder will block it.

  • What is the minimum commitment?

    There is no minimum commitment. If you choose to cancel you will finish out the period you have already paid for and then downgrade to our free plan.

  • Do you have special pricing for agencies?

    We work directly with some agencies as partners. To learn more please visit our partner page.

  • Is there a free version of Leadfeeder?

    Yes. There is a basic version of Leadfeeder with limited functionality available for free called Leadfeeder Lite. Leadfeeder Lite shows the last 7 days worth of leads only, doesn’t show what companies do on your website and doesn’t include integrations and many other advanced features. Users who do not purchase a paid plan will be automatically downgraded to Leadfeeder Lite when their trial ends.

Leadfeeder knows who’s visiting your website

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