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Grow your sales pipeline by identifying anonymous prospects from your current website traffic.

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Less prospecting, more selling

Wish you could spend more time closing deals and less time finding prospects? Yep, we’ve been there too.

But that sales pipeline isn’t going to fill itself.

Or is it? Imagine if you could identify companies and decision-makers that are already engaging with your website and send them to your CRM. Heck, your pipeline would fill itself.

Well, that’s exactly what Leadfeeder does. We identify prospects that are looking at you right now. They know who you are and they’re interested in what you sell. You just need to sell it to them.

Let us worry about prospecting. You focus on selling.

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Discover high-intent prospects in your current website traffic

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Identify prospects that are interested in you

Uncover your anonymous website visitors.

  • Turn anonymous website traffic into real company names
  • See exactly what each company browses on your website
  • Know what marketing channels are driving high-value traffic
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Connect Connect Connect
Connect Connect Connect

Find the email of your ideal contact

View enriched company and contact information.

  • Search a robust database of company employees
  • Filter contacts based on job role, seniority or location
  • Find emails and social profiles of decision-makers
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Assign prospects to the right sales rep

Divide leads easily amongst your team.

  • Create feeds for your sales team based on industry, employee number, web activity, and more
  • Alert your team with notifications via email or Slack as soon as companies visit your website
  • Send prospects to your CRM and assign them to your sales team
Send leads – main image Amazon Send leads to your team Email Hubspot Slack Lead assigned
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Every morning I huddle up with our sales team and share the leads we’ve identified as visiting our website from the day before. We have a whole whiteboard for these, we call these the “Glengarry” leads. These are the leads that are showing a ton of activity on our site

Nathan Rofkahr,
Director of Growth at AlertOps

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Leadfeeder knows the companies visiting your website

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