Slack Integration

Leadfeeder’s Slack integration allows you to seamlessly send information about companies identified in Leadfeeder to your company’s Slack.

What is Slack

Slack is a wildly popular collaboration tool which brings all your company communications together in one central hub. The magic in Slack happens in #channels — single places for messaging, tools and files — helping everyone save time and work together through message-based communication. But perhaps most important, Slack is excellent at organizing a company’s internal communications, which makes it extremely useful for following up on leads.

For sales people and marketers, Slack is useful because you can create a channel for every type of conversation. Channels can be divvied up by salesperson, project, new, or existing customers, or accounts, or whatever else is relevant to your organization.

Benefits of integrating Slack and Leadfeeder

The beauty of integrating your company’s Slack with Leadfeeder, is that you can send any company identified in Leadfeeder to Slack. This integration can be setup to send company details to a channel, an individual person, or even automatically forward companies to Slack automatically from your Custom Feeds in Leadfeeder.

Slack integration with Leadfeeder

You can also get tagged in Slack when a lead is assigned to you—brilliant, right? If you initiated the integration prior to August 2018, that means that your Leadfeeder Slack app won't have powerful enough permissions to do the tagging of assigned leads. Visit this support article for directions on how to elevate the permissions.

Slack integration with Leadfeeder

Slack integration with Leadfeeder

What Our Customers are saying

Radoslaw Wesolowski

When DDoS or application attacks occur, everyone has to know what to do, so everything’s completely transparent. That’s why Slack is a good solution—because we can see what’s going on, in real-time.

In marketing and sales, Grey Wizard’s team members value speed and transparency just as much as their cybersecurity counterparts. When a lead comes in and is assigned to someone, every sales member sees it. This is how Slack tightens up the hand-off between marketing and sales: by offering transparency, explains Wesolowski in an interview with Leadfeeder.

How to get started

Here you can get started with Slack. Learn how to send any company identified in Leadfeeder to Slack and/or send company details to a channel in Slack. Also, forward companies to Slack automatically from your Custom Feeds in Leadfeeder and get tagged in Slack when a lead is assigned to you. Learn more below!

Slack integration with Leadfeeder

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