How Grey Wizard Uses Slack Integration to Create a Leak-Proof Follow-Up Process for Sales

How Grey Wizard Uses Slack Integration to Create a Leak-Proof Follow-Up Process for Sales

23 May 2020

Envision those ideal companies you’d love to snag as clients. You read their newsletters and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn. You know all the names of their C-level execs, and you can already see their logo on your homepage under “Who we work with.”

Then, finally, someone from that company visits your website…

And you have no idea. Why? Because the vast majority (98%+) of visitors to your website leave no trace. They don’t fill out your lead form, they don’t sign up for your newsletter, they just visit and leave.

In the meantime, you have a sales team cold-prospecting.

What if the sales team got a list of companies that visited your website but left no clues? They could reach out knowing for a fact that the prospects know you and have visited your site.

That, of course, is why we built Leadfeeder—so you can see what companies are visiting your website every day.

Today, you can see this list of companies by logging in to Leadfeeder, pushing it into your CRM, or by getting email alerts.

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But, in recent years, we’ve learned that simply emailing important leads wasn’t enough.

The way businesses communicate is changing.

Email still rules for communications outside your company. But around the world, users are turning to Slack for internal communications.

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Slack’s adoption has been nothing short of stunning.

Last fall, Slack announced that it had surpassed 6 million daily active users.

There are many reasons for this, such as its ecosystem of related apps and its native integration with apps such as Google Drive and Salesforce.

But perhaps most important, Slack is excellent at organizing a company’s internal communications, which makes it extremely useful for following up on leads.

Grey Wizard Used Slack and Leadfeeder to Create a Leak-Proof Follow-up Process

We’ve written before about the necessity for a leak-proof hand-off between marketing and sales teams. When the marketing team is responsible for finding leads and the sales department takes over to follow up, there’s sometimes a gap in the middle—a place where leads fall through the cracks.

Slack can help seal the leak.

And that’s just what it’s done for Grey Wizard, a cybersecurity company based in Poland.

Why Grey Wizard Adopted Slack

The self-described “veterans of the Polish internet” have adopted Slack across their company, giving everyone a fast and easy way to communicate with anyone else in the company.

“When DDoS or application attacks occur, everyone has to know what to do… so everything’s completely transparent,” Grey Wizard’s founder and CEO Radoslaw Wesolowski told us. That’s why Slack is a good solution, because we can see what’s going on in real time.

How Grey Wizard Uses Slack Integration with Leadfeeder

In marketing and sales, Grey Wizard’s team members value speed and transparency just as much as their cybersecurity counterparts.

When a lead comes in and is assigned to someone, every sales member sees it.

This is how Slack tightens up the hand-off between marketing and sales: by offering transparency.

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Grey Wizard’s marketing team has been using Leadfeeder since 2016, relying on our service to prospect companies when they visit Grey Wizard’s website.

“We want to know who visits our site, how to connect with those people, and which companies are interested in our product,” Radoslaw told us.

Note: Ready to connect with companies interested in your product? Try Leadfeeder for free to see which are visiting your site.

For the majority of that time, every morning, Grey Wizard’s marketing manager logged into Leadfeeder, qualified leads from visitors to the site, then forwarded important leads to the sales team using Leadfeeder’s built-in email integration.

To get leads to the sales force, she used Slack’s email app integration.

The process worked. But it was also slower and clunkier than it needed to be. We knew we could make it better.

We wanted Grey Wizard to be able to:

  • Define the Slack channel of their choice

  • Automatically send important leads directly to Slack without needing to manually search through a list of site visitors.

So, we approached Grey Wizard and asked if they would be a beta tester for a new Slack integration we were building.

Here’s what it looks like:

slack integration 4

Today, this is how Grey Wizard gets leads to its sales reps.

They no longer have to rely on a clunky email app integration.

Instead, the email manager just clicks the “Slack” button on a lead, and off it goes to the sales reps. Leads can also be forwarded automatically based on filters in Leadfeeder.

By using the new Slack integration, Grey Wizard and other Slack users can now:

  • Integrate lead notifications into your team’s ongoing conversation

  • Choose to be notified about only the most interesting leads based on behavior and demographics to ensure only the most important ones rise to the top

  • React instantly to these leads before they show up in your CRM

If your company has adopted Slack for internal communications, this is the easiest way we know to create an agile, responsive, leak-proof follow-up process for your sales team.

Note: Having success with Leadfeeder integration? Contact us as if you would like to share your story.

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