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We believe in putting marketing insights into the hands of salespeople.

We’re changing the way B2B marketers think about buyer intent data.

Leadfeeder is a Helsinki-based startup committed to changing the way you think about buyer intent data. If you're tired of missing out on great leads — or wasting time on leads that don't convert— we can help.

We're a B2B intent data platform, that identifies companies that visit your website and tracks onsite activity so you can see which leads are ready to buy.

Stop wasting resources on leads that don't convert.



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Thousands of B2B companies are already using Leadfeeder data to identify hidden leads and turn them into customers. Won't you join us? Sign up for a free 14-day trial today.

A better way to understand who is visiting your website.

Marketing teams often rely on forms to see who visits their site. The problem? Most site visitors won't fill out your contact form — no matter how many times you optimize it. If they do fill out a form, you might not know where they are in the funnel.

As a result, companies waste millions on ineffective marketing campaigns targeting leads that aren't ready to convert.

There is a better way. Leadfeeder identifies companies visiting your website based on their IP address and matches them with our contact database to provide crucial B2B intent data to drive your business forward.

Our customers spend less time cold calling and more time turning leads into profits. Oh, and we threw in some automation features to help you work more efficiently. 😎

Like many good stories, this one starts with a father and son.

More than a decade ago, our CEO Pekka was helping his dad find new leads for his business. It wasn't going well-- he was frustrated watching promising companies visit the site but leave without filling out a contact form.

He decided to do something about it. So, he built a tool called Snoobi to uncover his dad’s website visitors. Later, he sold Snoobi to a big telecoms company that saw the value in revealing hidden website visitors.

In 2012, Pekka, Herkko, and Vicent founded Leadfeeder based on that same expertise. In the years since, Leadfeeder has become a leading B2B business intelligence data company.

We look great in person too! Come visit us.

Most of our team works remote, but we're down to meet in person, too. Want to nerd out about data? Swing by our offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and the United States for a cup of coffee or tea. Here's where we're hanging out:

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Our team is growing. Come join us on the journey.

Leadfeeder is a remote-first company, which allows us to hire the best and the brightest from around the world. Oh, and we're on a mission to double our team by 2022. 🚀

Leadfeeder is looking for talented, driven people who believe in our mission to help businesses increase revenue through better business intelligence data. We challenge the norm, and we don't let borders get in our way.

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