About Leadfeeder

We believe in putting marketing insights into the hands of salespeople.

Sales intelligence from the Nordics

We’re a startup based in Helsinki, Finland. Our roots are deep in web analytics and we've been the successful pioneers of web analytics technology development in Northern Europe. Our mission is to bring web intelligence into business and we’re doing that with a team of incredible talents in 5 countries.

Pekka Koskinen


Herkko Kiljunen


Vicent Llongo

Head of Engineering

Jaakko Paalanen


Kosti Lepojärvi

Product Management

Jesse Pärnänen

Business Development Director, Europe

Dipak Vadera

Business Development Manager, UK

Joran Hofman

Business Development, Netherlands

Carol Luong

Business Development, North America

Alicia Duddy

Business Development, North America

Elina Kalliomäki

HR & Finances

Emmi Linnavuori

HR & Finances

Peter Sterkenburg

Customer Success Lead

Konrad Oleksiuk

Software Engineer

Jan Bajena

Software Engineer

Orest Kulik

Software Engineer

Szymon Tyminski

Software Engineer

Mirko Cerovac

Software Engineer

Martin Frank

Software Engineer

Darla Shockley

Data Engineer

Denis Kiselev

Product Analyst

Chris Lubomanski

Software Engineer

Jason Watt

Customer Success

Balazs Kutil

Software Engineer

Vanessa Knecht

Business Development


Come and meet us in Helsinki or one of our American offices over a coffee or tea (for our fine selection of tea, we’re relying on those crazy Brits). You’ll experience a welcome that’s 100x warmer than a Finnish winter.

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  • Address: FI2312373000118429
  • Operator: Nordea (NDEAFIHH)
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  • 132 East 43rd St.,
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Over 10 years ago Pekka was helping his dad find new leads for his business. He was frustrated by all these companies making promising visits but not leaving their contact details. So he built a tool called Snoobi to uncover his dad’s website visitors and later sold it to a big telecoms company. Leadfeeder is built on that expertise and was founded by Pekka, Herkko and Vicent in 2012.

Did you know?

Because Leadfeeder is built on top of Google Analytics it means you get leads for as long as you’ve had Google Analytics on your website. Ka-ching!


Sales and marketing still operate in their own silos instead of being aligned. Digital marketers drive people to their website and try to get them convert into contacts. Meanwhile sales teams are cold-contacting people who’ve never heard of them. This is costing companies billions. By handing marketing insights to salespeople our customers are spending less time cold calling and more time making profit on leads right under their noses.

Did you know?

The divide between marketing and sales is a big problem for the industry costing B2B companies billions every year. Until now!


We’re looking for talented people who believe in our vision or who even want to challenge it.

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