Access Leadfeeder data in 3rd party tools

Enrich B2B tools in real-time with firmographic data about your visitors. Use plug-and-play connectors, or integrate with our API to power custom workflows.

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Leadfeeder Connectors

Some examples of what you can achieve with Connectors

Enhance Google Analytics reporting

Enhance Google Analytics reporting

Turn Google Analytics into a B2B analytics tool by importing the firmographic information of the companies that visit your website through custom dimensions.

Create reports on the industries, company size, and companies that frequently visit your site, and much more.

Enhance Google Analytics reporting
Improved Ads audience targeting
Improved Ads audience targetings

Improved Ads audience targeting

Customize your Ads retargeting audiences by industry, company size, and other firmographic attributes, allowing you to display more relevant retargeting ads and eliminate wasted spend.

Build tailor-made website experiences

Build tailor-made website experiences

Leadfeeder Connectors contain firmographic information enhancing the level of personalization you can offer your website visitors. You can personalize your buyer’s journey based on company size, employee count or industry, providing superior web user experiences.

Build tailor-made website experiences
Personalize chat on site
Personalize chat on site

Personalize chat on site

Sync your visitor firmographic info to your favorite chat provider. Improve chat qualification based on their industry, company size, location, revenues, etc., and welcome visitors with a personalized chat experience.

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During the first month of using Leadfeeder Connectors, we have been able to target personalized content to seventeen times more site visitors than before. This is a tremendous improvement when compared with our previous results, and we anticipate that we will continue to achieve strong growth in the future.

Titta Nummi,
Head of Brand and Customer marketing (B2B), DNA

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