Salesforce Integration

You can connect leads to Salesforce accounts or alternatively create new ones directly from the Leadfeeder interface.

What is Salesforce

Salesforce is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for any sized company. By integrating Salesforce with Leadfeeder, you can bring your CRM information into Leadfeeder and customize what data is sent from Leadfeeder to your CRM. All Salesforce editions are supported in this free integration.

Salesforce integration with Leadfeeder

How does it work

Once integrated, the data sync will look for any existing account or lead in your Salesforce instance and Leadfeeder will automatically connect the data. You can choose to automatically push the page visits to Salesforce, or turn this setting off and use it as a read-only integration.

For the company records that do not match an existing account, you have the option to manually or automatically create a new account or lead.

Benefits of integrating Salesforce and Leadfeeder

With the Salesforce integration your sales and marketing teams can gain greater insights between the two platforms.

From Leadfeeder to Salesforce, you can:

  • Automatically or manually push visit information from Leadfeeder to Salesforce
  • Create a new lead or account in Salesforce using Leadfeeder data
  • Create a new task or opportunity for any CRM record
  • Create a new deal in Salesforce
  • Create a new lead using Leadfeeder contacts
  • Filter on the integration to see what companies are not in your CRM, what sales rep owns an account/lead/opportunity, and more

Use Cases

  • Identify net new leads by filter the data to show all companies that are not in your CRM and are a part of your ideal customer profile
  • Filter on a specific salesperson’s owned opportunities/accounts or deals and be notified if that company hits your website
  • Divide up the traffic by territory and automatically assign those accounts to a specific salesperson in Salesforce
  • Add new leads to Salesforce from the Leadfeeder contact database
  • Automatically create new accounts in Salesforce from companies that hit high intent pages

What Our Customers are saying

Wouter Dieleman

When we identify a company as a hot lead, we immediately look them up on LinkedIn to try and determine who the decision-maker is. Then, we add them in Salesforce and approach them subtly, usually a week after they visited our website.

How to get started

  • Step 1: Log in or sign up for Leadfeeder and score a free 14-day trial.
  • Step 2: If you’re already using Salesforce, add the integration today —it’s simple!
  • Step 3: Curious on how you can use the Salesforce integration? Visit this article to see how to make the most out of it.

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