HubSpot CRM Integration

Integrate Leadfeeder with HubSpot CRM to accelerate your sales pipeline.

Leadfeeder is certified Hubspot partner

Populate your HubSpot CRM
with warm leads

Prospecting new sales leads is a slog, finding meaningful data to help you pitch is even harder. So we just made it a whole lot simpler.

With our integration, you can populate your HubSpot CRM with companies that visit your website and fill your team’s calendars with deals and tasks.

Filling your sales pipeline has never been easier.

Why use HubSpot and Leadfeeder together?

Leadfeeder interface
Leadfeeder interface

Identify individual leads

  • Go one step further than account-level tracking. Know exactly who your prospect is, what they’re interested in, and when you should reach out.
  • If a lead fills out a form or engages in a live chat, Leadfeeder will identify the individual.
Leadfeeder interface

Grow your sales pipeline

  • Potential customers don’t always fill out your forms when they’re browsing your website. Now they don’t have to.
  • Automatically populate HubSpot CRM with companies that Leadfeeder identifies on your website.
Leadfeeder interface
Leadfeeder interface
Leadfeeder interface

Focus on high-intent leads

  • Not all website visitors are the right fit for your business. So only sync the ones that are.
  • Ensure you only send high-intent leads that match your ideal customer profile to HubSpot CRM.
Leadfeeder interface

Accelerate your sales process

  • Don’t wait for your prospect to contact you, or worse, one of your competitors. Contact them when you’re top of mind.
  • Automatically create deals, assign an owner and set a pipeline stage in HubSpot CRM as soon as Leadfeeder identifies a company on your website.
Leadfeeder interface
Leadfeeder interface
Leadfeeder interface

Keep your team focused

  • With so many pitches to make and deals to close, it’s easy to lose track. Make sure your prospects don’t fall through the gaps again.
  • Automatically create tasks for deal owners and set due dates for completion to keep your team on track.
Leadfeeder interface

Get sales intelligence that matters

  • Use visit data as an opportunity to confirm or change what you think is the right offering for the customer. Understand your prospect’s pain points before you make the first contact.
  • Keep your companies in HubSpot CRM up-to-date with the latest website visit information, so you know exactly what content your prospects have been reading.
Leadfeeder interface

What can you do with HubSpot and Leadfeeder?

Integrate Leadfeeder into your current HubSpot workflow by automatically or manually creating and updating companies, deals, and tasks.

Create companies Leadfeeder interface

Create HubSpot companies from Leadfeeder and assign an owner.

Create deals Leadfeeder interface

Create HubSpot deals from Leadfeeder and assign an owner, pipeline stage and close date.

Create tasks Leadfeeder interface

Create HubSpot tasks from Leadfeeder and assign an owner and due date

Update companies Leadfeeder interface

Connect companies identified by Leadfeeder to existing companies in HubSpot

Send visit data Leadfeeder interface

Update HubSpot companies with website visit information from Leadfeeder

Sync two-ways Leadfeeder interface

Send all HubSpot data (Companies, Deals, Stages, Contacts, Tasks, and Users) to Leadfeeder

Identify leads Leadfeeder interface

Connect HubSpot leads with Leadfeeder accounts

We use both HubSpot and Leadfeeder everyday as a sales, inbound marketing and CRM tool. The seamless integration between these two means that I can process customer data flexibly and save time.

Jukka Kaitala, Account Executive at Studio Skaala Oy

Set up your integration

Review our help centre for instructions on how to set up your Leadfeeder and HubSpot integration.

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