Find out how AlertOps used Leadfeeder to increase sales demos 700%

For many organizations the holy grail of lead generation are sales demos. It’s not all that easy to ask for such a high level of engagement from a prospect but AlertOps does it well, and uses the Leadfeeder and Pipedrive integration to increase their sales demo rates by 700%.

About the company:

  • AlertOps is an IT Alert Management platform built for enterprise DevOps teams to effectively handle Major IT Incidents, and greatly reduces MTTR (Mean Time To Resolution) saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
  • Founded: 2015
  • Location: Chicagoland Area

How are you using Leadfeeder in your business?

We use Leadfeeder to identify visitors coming to our website. Leadfeeder plays a huge role in the system we built to qualify sales leads and schedule demo calls. Like any other business we drive traffic to our website through marketing channels like SEO and PPC. We do a really good job at optimizing our ad spend so that most of the clicks we get are already qualified.

Before signing up with Leadfeeder, what solutions if any were you using to identify anonymous website visitors?

Prior to getting started with Leadfeeder we used Google Analytics to gather basic information about our website visitors. One of the biggest reasons we signed up with Leadfeeder is the integration with Google Analytics. It didn’t take us any additional work to get set up.

Previously, we were doing a lot of guess work to identify our anonymous website traffic using a combination of Google Analytics and Adwords data to identify companies visiting our website. This method wasn’t always accurate and it took our team a lot time.

How are you currently using Leadfeeder + Pipedrive?

Companies that we identify as visiting our website and have more than 100 employees are immediately qualified. That’s really all we look for before sending the lead from Leadfeeder to Pipedrive.

Basically, our process breaks down into these steps:

  • get visitors to our website from multiple marketing channels
  • use Leadfeeder to identify companies that are visiting us
  • filter out all companies that may not be a good fit
  • find contact information for individuals within each organization, mainly using our contact database and LinkedIn
  • import those contacts into Pipedrive and send visit details about the company from Leadfeeder to Pipedrive for sales to follow up on.

From there our sales team takes the baton and reaches out, typically by email and phone.

Every morning I huddle up with our sales team and share the leads we’ve identify as visiting our website from the day before. We have a whole whiteboard for these, we call these the “Glengarry” leads. These are the leads that are showing a ton of activity on our site. Nathan Rofkahr, Director of Growth, AlertOps

We reach out to every single contact at a company we’ve identified as “high-affinity” with the hopes that we’re reaching at least one of the influencers or decision makers

What business outcomes have you seen so far with this integration?

Prior to Leadfeeder we didn’t have a process in place to move our website visitors through our sales pipeline. We were doing some cold sales outreach with very little results.

Now, when we reach out to prospects we are able to frame the conversation around their interests and provide value up front based on their behavior on our website. By sending these warm leads directly to Pipedrive CRM it has improved our connect rates and streamlined our sales process.

Within just 30 days of using Leadfeeder with the Pipedrive integration we were able to increase our sales demo rate by 700%. We even booked a sales demo with a Fortune 500 company. I would definitely recommend Leadfeeder to anyone using Pipedrive. Leadfeeder is a game-changer for us.

Nathan Rofkahr is the Director of Growth for AlertOps (an IT Alerting Startup), and Founder of StartupFormulas, where he shares results from experiments to help you do “what works” in business growth and marketing.


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