How OZMO uses Leadfeeder to generate more qualified leads for their sales reps

Wouter Dieleman is a Dutchman who wears an impressive number of professional hats. But no matter which hat he’s wearing, he’ll log into Leadfeeder to give himself the upper hand. Wouter contacted us because he wanted to do a story about Leadfeeder, so we put him in the spotlight instead.

Wouter works for OZMO, a company that delivers cloud telephony and unified communications solutions. According to Wouter, "OZMO is all about building bridges between persons, companies' communications and solutions."

  • Name: Wouter Dieleman
  • Company: OZMO
  • Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
  • Sessions in Leadfeeder: 144
  • Leadfeeder plan: Premium
  • Most important goal with Leadfeeder? To get more qualified leads to our sales reps.

Why did you try out Leadfeeder?

I read about you guys in a blog and the idea immediately caught my attention because it sounded so tangible. Setting up Leadfeeder via Google Analytics was honestly a breeze and it lowered the threshold.

I firmly believe that the roughly 98% of website visitors who don’t leave their contact details or in some way identify themselves are missed opportunities and was super excited to see a tool like Leadfeeder providing all this tangible information. We know there are valuable prospects who just need somebody to speak with.

Before Leadfeeder we weren’t really doing anything with the website visitors who weren’t contacting us. I recommended some Exit-Intent tools but they were a bit expensive.

What were your first discoveries?

We were pretty excited to see all those companies in one feed, I’ve got to say. We had no idea that we were missing out on all of these opportunities. It all feels so tangible and real, especially because you can track their every movement. We also see a lot of competitors checking out our new features and integrations – which shows us we’re heading in the right direction. We have obviously spiked their interest, because they stay at these landing pages for several minutes.

When we identify a company as a hot lead, we immediately look them up on LinkedIn to try and determine who the decision maker is.

So you see interesting companies visiting your website. What next?

When we identify a company as a hot lead, we immediately look them up on LinkedIn to try and determine who the decision maker is. We also look for IT-managers: these are the folks that are probably interested in our product. Then, we add them in Salesforce and approach them subtly, usually a week after they visited our website.

Once you’ve identified the right person, how do you approach them?

The first thing we look for is the most relevant starting point. What do we offer that really helps that business? We have a lot of custom-built integrations with CRM/ERP – and we know this is something companies really dig. When we find out they have visited our integrations landing pages, that’s what we lead with. If it’s a call centre, we emphasise the importance of efficient routing for incoming calls – and the solution we have for this.

Any Leadfeeder features that you find most useful?

I really like that you can see what pages people visited and how much time they’ve spent on them – and how many sessions a visitor has had. I like the way you can simply assign leads to team members and how you can make custom feeds, so that you can filter by country.

How often do you use Leadfeeder in a typical working day?

We usually check Leadfeeder a couple of times a day. The sales rep and I open it up every morning, and usually check it 1-3 times throughout the day.

You’ve had 144 sessions in Leadfeeder. What advice would you give to others?

Use the filters to narrow down your feed and focus on the companies that have the highest potential. Really dig into their visit: see what landing pages they visited and how much time they have spent there to get some solid starting points in your sales pitches. Use LinkedIn to determine who the decision makers are and who you might want to include in the social selling process.

What other SaaS tools do you use for your daily work?

Salesforce, Mailchimp, Joomla, Trello.


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