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Leadfeeder helped Global Call Forwarding generate 60% more SQL's per month & improved conversion rates across organic (+ 30%) & paid (+ 23%).

Leadfeeder helped Global Call Forwarding generate 60% more SQL's each month

Think about the last time you opened your email — how many “carefully” crafted emails were waiting for you?

There's a good chance that you receive dozens of marketing emails every day.

The average person gets more than 100 emails a day — and that number is growing every year.

It's hard to stand out when every other business is using the exact same strategy.

On the other hand, SMS messaging is a highly effective way to reach an increasingly mobile-first global audience. In fact, up to 35% of consumers are open to receiving marketing texts from businesses, and most prefer to receive tracking updates or customer service via text messaging.

Phone calls are even more popular, with 57% of B2B C-level executives reporting they prefer to be contacted by phone.

The problem? Spam.

Most people won't answer the phone or respond to text messages from numbers they don't recognize or with different area codes.

Global Call Forwarding aims to change the way businesses reach their target audience no matter where they are in the world. They provide international phone numbers from more than 160 countries worldwide. These numbers come equipped with inbound/outbound voice, call tracking, advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response), call recording, and local ringback tones (so customers hear the ring type they are used to based on their location.)

And Leadfeeder is helping them do just that.

Global Call Forwarding: Helping businesses reach their target audience faster

We recently spoke with Luke Genoyer, the Head of Demand Generation at Global Call Forwarding to discuss how their company is helping businesses better communicate with their customers. Here's what he shared:

We help multinational businesses of all sizes communicate with their contacts in other countries using voice and SMS. We enable businesses to get a virtual phone number from practically any country that they can use to receive and make calls, no matter where their agents are physically located. Having a local number helps establish credibility. Customers and prospects feel more comfortable dealing with a local business.They’re more likely to call your business if they don’t have to pay long-distance calling charges and the call is free. In addition, people are more likely to answer incoming phone calls from a local number they recognize, compared to an unfamiliar international number. We offer the largest selection of local numbers and toll free numbers available from more than 160 countries worldwide.

Through its high-availability network with multiple layers of redundancy and 24/7 technical support, Global Call Forwarding is able to provide businesses with reliable global communications to boost business sales and growth.

But Global Call Forwarding faced a significant challenge — low website conversion rates.

People were coming to their website, browsing through their services, and then leaving. Some customers would even start the sign-up process and then abandon their cart mid-way.

How Leadfeeder super-charged Global Call Forwarding's marketing

Search plays a considerable role in Global Call Forwarding's customer acquisition strategy. In fact, a majority of their marketing budget goes towards Google Ads and SEO.

Those efforts are highly effective at driving traffic to their website, but the team found that only about 2.5 to 3 percent of website visitors were converting.

GCF's team wanted to be able to identify and engage website visitors that didn't convert so they could increase the ROI of those search campaigns.

And that is when they turned to Leadfeeder.

Global Call Forwarding's results with Leadfeeder

Using Leadfeeder, Global Call Forwarding was able to identify which companies visited their website and see specific pages they visited (and how long they spent on each page) to get a better idea of who to contact and how to personalize their pitches.

Here's how their process looks:

“Our sales team reviews leads from Leadfeeder on a regular basis and then sends personalized LinkedIn connection requests to decision-makers and relevant prospects from those companies.

We have several “ambassadors” on our sales team who have a strong presence on social media. As soon as these people accept our connection requests, they're able to see content from our ambassadors on a regular basis. We also call, email, and message people from these companies to pitch our services.”

In combination with other marketing initiatives, Leadfeeder has helped Global Call Forwarding generate 60% more SQL's each month. They've also seen website conversion rates improve across organic (+ 30%), paid (+ 23%), and direct (+ 30%) search.

The key to success with Leadfeeder: The right sale and social media strategies

A previous team member had tried Leadfeeder at Global Call Forwarding, but without the right sales and social media strategy in place.

As a result, they didn't see the results they'd hoped for.

Luke Genoyer made sure the team had a robust plan for following up with leads on social media and ensuring the sales team knew how to leverage the data to create personalized outreach plans.

Grow your business with Leadfeeder

Global Call Forwarding uses Leadfeeder to better understand who comes to their site — and what they do when they get there.

That data has drastically improved the effectiveness of their search and paid ads. The team isn't just finding more leads — they also improved the effectiveness of all their other marketing efforts.

Looking for similar results for your B2B business? We can help.

Sign up for a free Leadfeeeder account to uncover hidden leads, better understand what your website visitors do, and increase the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts.


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