What’s the best way to generate sales leads from online channels? Andreas Altheimer, VP of sales and marketing at answers this question.

What’s the best way to generate sales leads from online channels? And how can a SaaS company compete in a highly competitive niche against much bigger players? Andreas Altheimer, Co-founder and VP of sales & marketing at answers these questions and a whole lot more and explains how their cold calls yield an 85% improved success rate because Leadfeeder shows them who to contact next

Q: What does do?

E-Recruiting Software is an Austrian fast growing SaaS-Company and one of the leading e-recruiting providers. team

Q: The recruitment business seems to full of well-established players (e.g. SAP) so how are you able to compete?

Until now, cloud-based E-Recruiting software was known to be easy to use but difficult to adapt to individual processes. With Prescreen, we have created the first european cloud-based applicant tracking system that is highly flexible and allows companies to cover complex recruiting processes and structures.

E-Recruiting Software's web user interface

Q: How do you do sales?

We have an outbound sales team that doesn’t hesitate to do outbound sales with any qualified lead – big or small. At the moment the sales department’s headcount is already more than ten and we’re constantly looking for more salespeople.

Q: Why did you try Leadfeeder?

We were facing a simple yet significant problem: not every visitor of our product landing page directly converted into a free trial account. Instead of losing those visitors, we were looking for new ways to identify those leads and nurture them into qualified leads.

We used Google Analytics for the identification of our visitors but the filter options just weren’t sufficient and it was tough work to gather all the information needed to be able to contact the lead. All in all – it wasn’t feasible for our sales process.

To solve this problem we ended up using Leadfeeder Premium.

Picture showing woman using Leadfeeder to find out who visited's website

Q: How do you generate leads from online channels?

We generate website traffic from lots of different sources (organic search, advertising, content publications – to name just a few).

Three (3) ways to generate traffic to your website: SEO, content creation and advertising

We have excellent processes to onboard companies from signup to purchasing. Leadfeeder fits in between website traffic generation and onboarding. Our goal with Leadfeeder is to increase the number of qualified leads – this is a crucial KPI in our business. Our internal data already reveals that the chance of converting a cold call into a qualified lead increases to over 85% with Leadfeeder.

Q: So how do you know who to sell to next?

We get the daily automatic summary of new relevant website visitors so our outbound sales team always knows which companies are currently looking for an applicant tracking system.

Screenshot from Leadfeeder web UI showing where you can subscribe to email notifications

Tip for Leadfeeder users: subscribe to email alerts from your top leads feed

Screenshot from lead email notification from Leadfeeder's feed 'top leads'

Tip for Leadfeeder users: start your day with fresh leads straight to your inbox

Q: How do you know which person to contact?

We’ve learned from the past which customer stakeholder to contact first. Typically the business decision maker (BDM) is an HR executive, but often the technical decision maker (TDM) is someone else e.g. HR assistant – at the end of the day we’re making his work easier. So we start by the right people at the companies Leadfeeder is pointing us towards.

Magnifying glass on a woman indicating that the right stakeholder has been identified

Q: What 3 other SaaS tools do you use daily?

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