Tracking web visitors has ensured a better return for marketing campaigns.

Tuminds is a social media and digital agency from Scotland. They’ve provided training and strategy advice for some of the biggest names in the UK like Diageo, Highlands & Island Enterprise and Royal Bank of Scotland. Before starting Tuminds in 2006 Rene and Pamela Looper were successful hoteliers who were able to capitalise on rising online bookings thanks to their shrewd understanding of digital marketing.

Having the Pipedrive button integrated within Leadfeeder makes it easy to add company details to our CRM. When company details are added to Pipedrive we then look at which services they have shown an interest in.


The Tuminds team wanted more leads in their Pipedrive CRM so they could grow their business, but because they didn’t have a dedicated salesperson they couldn't cold call in a haphazard fashion to drum up new opportunities.

By trying website visitor tracking Rene hoped that Tuminds would be able to find new business leads in a more efficient and less time-consuming way.

Tuminds are using a wide variety of lead generation tactics and as expert marketers they have been successful at driving traffic to their site with social media. They had also got some impressive press hits like this in the Scotsman newspaper.

By using Leadfeeder in combination with live chat software on their website Tuminds hoped to be able to identify companies that didn't fill in a contact form or start an online chat, and that would mean they'd be able to identify more of their website visitors.

In addition Rene wanted to keep track on potential clients who were opening emails sent with MailChimp and see what they were looking at on the Tuminds homepage and the best way to do that was by using the Leadfeeder integration with MailChimp.

One day we noticed that an Oil and Gas business had. We have worked for various Oil and Gas businesses but that information was nowhere to be found on the web site. That triggered us to write various case studies on our customers’ industries and actually improved our website. We couldn't have known this information without Leadfeeder.


  • For Rene it's now many times easier to strike up a conversation with a potential client on the phone because he knows which companies to call and which services interest them.
  • Tuminds are currently tracking 15 open Pipedrive deals in Leadfeeder and have closed many more with Leadfeeder’s insights.
  • Emails to prospects are driven by a new understanding of what services they're interested in. It means prospects don’t receive emails with info they have no interest in.
  • It has become a breeze to add new web leads to Pipedrive straight to the correct stage.

We have seen that a lot of companies are not just looking at our social media services, they also look at the pages of individual team members, which means that customers want to know who works for the company and what expertise they have. That triggered us to look at these pages ourselves to see if we could improve them.

  • The whole Tuminds team now has easy access to insights (by email and in the Leadfeeder app) about which companies are interested in their services. It's improved the team’s cooperation and understanding of the business.
  • Nowadays Tuminds are quickly able to ascertain how good a prospect’s social media presence is and if they could be a good potential client with Leadfeeder's LinkedIn connection.
  • Leadfeeder shows which old connections and existing clients are online and this enables Rene and co to rekindle more business with old clients.
  • Tuminds have improved website content on the back of the behavior of important prospects on their website.

Knowing what potential leads have been looking for makes it easier for cold callers to strike up a conversation with the potential client and discover how they can help. I think that is the secret of a good cold caller; it needs to be someone who wants to help instead of pushing their product.


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