How Leadfeeder Insights Empower xGrowth's ABM Strategy

Personalized marketing strategies help businesses increase their conversion rates and generate more revenue.

In the world of B2B marketing, the best example of personalization in action is account-based marketing (ABM).

Rather than using a traditional demand generation approach, account-based marketing leverages a tailored one-to-one strategy.

Sales and marketing teams collaborate to identify high-impact accounts that they can target with tailored messaging and campaigns.

Technology like Leadfeeder gives businesses the tools they need to execute ABM strategy at scale.

It might seem strange at first, but the one-to-one ABM approach can be more efficient than traditional one-to-many campaigns.

In fact, 87% of marketers report that ABM has the best ROI, mainly due to its ability to increase win rates and deal sizes.


Firms like xGrowth develop tailor-made ABM strategies for B2B businesses. In addition to account-based marketing, xGrowth offers tools for LinkedIn growth and sales enablement.

xGrowth’s plans leverage various tactics such as programmatic advertising, intent-based marketing, customized list building, and conversion copywriting.

With xGrowth, B2B businesses can turn high-level marketing goals into actionable plans custom-made for their target audience.

However, without concrete account-based data, xGrowth had a hard time measuring the impact of ABM campaigns. That’s where Leadfeeder comes in.

xGrowth: Custom-made account-based marketing strategies for B2B businesses

We spoke with An, growth marketing manager at xGrowth, to understand how Leadfeeder helps his team track account-specific engagement and campaign health.

An describes how xGrowth turns B2B marketing ideas into reality:

We work with large IT and technology companies to develop and implement their account-based marketing (ABM) strategies…They may have a general idea of what needs to be done but lack the in-depth knowledge to execute a long-term strategy properly. In these scenarios, we would come in to assist and help develop their B2B and ABM marketing expertise. The end objective is to help them run their first ABM pilot campaign.


In other words, An and his team take the mystery out of account-based marketing.

xGrowth works with each client to create a customized ABM strategy to use personalized marketing at its best.

With Leadfeeder, xGrowth can collect account-specific engagement data to measure intent signals and campaign success.

Before using Leadfeeder, the team at xGrowth struggled to find a platform that measured the data they needed to measure account-based marketing campaigns’ results.

Leadfeeder was the one platform that offered reliable first-party intent data.

How Leadfeeder helps xGrowth collect intent insights and account-specific data

After implementing Leadfeeder, the xGrowth team uses it to inform any marketing campaign and identify notable engagement from critical accounts.

Leadfeeder gives them access to valuable account-specific engagement metrics that allow their clients to measure the level of connection with target accounts.

As An states, first-party data empowered their strategy with newfound clarity.

The main benefit for us is when it comes to using Leadfeeder is collection of [first-]party intent data. In terms of results, it really helped us when it comes to reporting account engagement with our clients to determine the level of connection with targeted accounts. This greatly removes the ‘fog’ when it comes to doing any kind of outreach, both digital and physical outreach. Leadfeeder was very useful in this regard because it gave us more clear and concise reporting on account engagement than any other platforms could.

xGrowth needed Leadfeeder to provide concrete, actionable insights particular to ABM marketing strategies, and Leadfeeder was up to the task.

Leadfeeder gave the team access to first-party data that helps their clients’ sales teams understand each critical account’s engagement.


xGrowth can keep its sales and marketing teams closely aligned with the insights that Leadfeeder provides. When a target engages with digital content, that activity is recorded and shared with sales teams so they can take personalized action.

Looking forward

An considers Leadfeeder an essential partner when it comes to ABM.

Leadfeeder is a must-have tool for any account-based marketing campaign. Its ability to collect and report on [first]-party intent data has been critical to helping us align our marketing activities and ensure we are reaching the correct accounts.

At the moment, the xGrowth team uses Leadfeeder primarily to report on account engagement. However, they plan to use Leadfeeder to inform data-driven strategy.

In particular, they see an opportunity to improve insight-driven recommendations by using Leadfeeder’s first-party data.

Empower your account-based marketing strategies with Leadfeeder

Using Leadfeeder, xGrowth can turn account-based campaigns into actionable sales insights by monitoring first-party intent data.

Are you looking for more concrete data to support your account-based marketing? We can help.

Leadfeeder provides reliable engagement metrics at the account level so you can measure campaign health and create personalized sales interactions.

We help companies get the most out of account-based marketing and empower easy collaboration between marketing and sales.


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