How Programmatic B2B Used Leadfeeder to Find 269 New Leads in Less Than 30 Days

One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing is attribution — how can you be sure that a specific campaign actually brought in more customers — especially in B2B, which often has long, winding sales paths?

That was one of the challenges facing Programmatic B2B, a B2B digital advertising agency.

The company strives to provide transparency and clarity to its B2B clients. They build custom audiences, deliver interactive creative content, and facilitate relevant, cost-effective B2B marketing communications. The key differentiator is that every Programmatic B2B client receives a scored prospect database at the end of their test campaign. This empowers clients to be successful in leveraging that asset internally for new business development and lead nurturing.

Programmatic B2B

Every step they take is backed with comprehensive reporting and analysis, including detailed reports of email address verification and delivery, front-end campaign performance, attribution of new customer acquisition, and sales.

Despite their commitment to transparency, Programmatic B2B was struggling to provide insight on campaign performance and follow up on outbound lead generation and remarketing campaigns — both for their own site and for their clients.

We recently sat down with Programmatic B2B's founder Chris DeMartine to discuss the impact Leadfeeder had on Programmatic B2B's business — and that of their clients.

DeMartine has more than two decades of experience working with multinational corporations like Canon USA and IBM and has written dozens of articles in leading trade publications related to data marketing, market trends, and operational excellence.

So, he definitely knows a thing or two about marketing and growing B2B companies.

Here's what he shared about how Leadfeeder helped them find better leads — and better serve their clients.

Why Leadfeeder?

Before settling on Leadfeeder, Programmatic B2B considered several similar options, including Lead Forensics. After reaching out to their top three choices, they chose Leadfeeder because it was the most affordable option that still met all their needs.

Now, they can track their own leads — and offer that same service to their clients as an integrated platform with full transparency.

How Leadfeeder helped Programmatic B2B — and their customers

As a result of using Leadfeeder, Programmatic B2B saw their business grow, as they can now measure the success of their own campaigns using Leadfeeder to track companies that visit client websites.

Leadfeeder is an essential part of Programmatic B2B's Programmatic Extension Program (PEP).

This comprehensive solution maximizes targeted brand awareness and prospect engagement. It includes a complete email program, online display, search retargeting, remarketing, Linkedin, Twitter, connected TV, and more.

Here's what Chris had to say about how Leadfeeder helped Programmatic B2B,

“With Programmatic B2B, our clients win on transparency. The marketplace is crowded with expensive solutions that sometimes work, low-cost value propositions that deliver low-quality leads at scale, and a few tangible benefits that are often difficult to apply for SMBs. Leadfeeder has enabled us to measure real engagement and help our clients' marketing teams deliver essential supply to the front-lines for new business development”.

Leadfeeder shows results — and brings clarity

Before installing Leadfeeder, Programmatic B2B offered front-end metrics and match-back processing to their prospect email databases. This allowed Programmatic B2B to provide clients with a solid understanding of their marketing performance.

But, they wanted to do more.

With the help of Leadfeeder, Programmatic B2B is now able to provide clients with crucial data about organic search and paid online display advertising results in a privacy-compliant manner — which is a requirement for their core clients in healthcare and financial services.

A recent Programmatic campaign was able to deliver 114 new healthcare leads, and 155 insurance leads in the last 30 days alone. They were then able to match those leads back to their outbound efforts based on the URLs for account-based marketing (ABM) and their proprietary email domain parsing algorithms.

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They were also able to track over 100 new prospects for a client that sells PPE to healthcare and educational institutions.

The client was thrilled because they could see not only who visited their site due to their PEP(Programmatic Extension Program) and what products and services they are looking at.

More data means Programmatic B2B — and their clients— now have a better understanding of not just what types of clients are interested in their business, but what those clients do once they land on their website.

Looking forward with Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is now an essential part of Programmatic B2B's integrated solution. They recommend it to every business-to-business client and advertising agency that works with them to provide more data and better transparency.

Understand your leads and grow your business with Leadfeeder

Using Leadfeeder, Programmatic B2B now better understands their own leads and uses Leadfeeder to better serve their clients. It's a match made in marketing heaven.

Want to see similar results? We can help your business better understand not just who visits your site but what they do when they get there.


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