Find out how uses Leadfeeder to identify 1000 new prospects who visit their site but don’t sign up for a trial in this case study.

Life is all about choices — pizza or Pad Thai for dinner? Apple Watch or FitBit? Dr. Who or Star Wars (The answer is always Dr. Who, in case you are wondering.)

The point is, consumers have more choices than ever before.

The corporate SaaS market, for example, is expected to be worth $7.4 billion by 2021.

Even the online pet supply industry, a slightly less lucrative market, has seen 2,206 new businesses join the market in the last year.

Brands, even innovative ones, have to stand out to attract new customers.

What is the not-so-secret solution? Customer service.

Not just good, but great customer service.

In fact, 90 percent of American consumers use customer service as a deciding factor when it comes to making purchases.

CloudTalk, a cloud-based call center software, aims to make it easier for small and medium-sized businesses to provide the top-notch customer service consumers want with access to easy-to-use call center tools and detailed data.



Cloudtalk’s smart software provides real-time analytics and helps streamline the support process.

For example, companies can create custom call queueing rules to sort calls to agents who are best equipped to help with specific issues.

CloudTalk currently integrates with 25+ tools, including all major CRMs and help desk software like Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Freshdesk.

With the help of CloudTalk, traditional call center tools are on the way out.

Despite all the benefits of CloudTalk, the team was struggling to turn interested site visitors into customers. That is where Leadfeeder came to the rescue.

CloudTalk: on a mission to improve customer support & productivity

Kris Fischerova, a marketing specialist at CloudTalk, shared how Leadfeeder is helping their team connect with active prospects and encourage trial sign-ups.

Here's what she had to say about how CloudTalk is changing their industry:

The shift to the cloud is inevitable, and we see new CRMs, live chats, and help desk tools being created every day.The phone industry, however, remains the same with very few companies trying to disrupt the traditional way of setting up a call center. There are some bright examples, but we still see a huge potential, especially in the small and medium business space where CloudTalk is so popular.

CloudTalk aims to make phone conversations as easy as live chats or emails by enabling sales and customer support to connect all their SaaS tools in one place.

Using Leadfeeder, CloudTalk identified and targeted 1000 new prospects each month who visit their site but don’t sign up for a trial.

The main challenge CloudTalk faced was identifying and understanding the companies that we’re reading and visiting "top of the funnel" content, such as blog posts like this one:



Leadfeeder has helped CloudTalk learn more about how these companies behave and the type of content they are looking for.

As a result, Kris and the CloudTalk team can craft more personalized sales and marketing messages— which results in more sign-ups and sales.

Here's how they did it.

How Leadfeeder helps CloudTalk better understand their customers

CloudTalk found Leadfeeder through the Pipedrive marketplace, where Leadfeeder is one of the most popular integrations.

They decided to give it a try and, according to Kris, found the sign-up process to be simple.

The whole experience [with Leadfeeder], from signing up for a trial, testing, onboarding, and upgrading to a paid plan was seamless — the decision was easy.

CloudTalk had high expectations for Leadfeeder, and the platform delivered.

They were looking to improve their lead generation efforts by targeting companies that spent a decent amount of time browsing through their site but never took action.

Leadfeeder gave them access to just-in-time buyers' data, which allowed them to tailor their offerings.

Now, when they spot companies that are interested in the content CloudTalk offers, they reach out with a personalized message inviting them to try its demo or have a quick chat with a customer success team.

This allows the CloudTalk team the opportunity to understand what struggles the company is facing and show how their solution can help.

As a result of using Leadfeeder, CloudTalk has been able to:

  • Identify 1000 companies every month (and growing) that browse their websites but don’t sign up for a trial.
  • Send out personalized campaigns to the top 20 percent of most-active browsers.
  • Send more information to 10 percent of those prospects who ask questions, schedule a call, or sign up for a trial.

This means CloudTalk has earned 20 more sign-ups per month — all prospects they would have lost without the help of Leadfeeder.


Looking forward

CloudTalk is still new to using Leadfeeder, which means they are still working to understand their data better and put it to work.

Despite that, the CloudTalk team expects to double their sign up numbers in the very near future.

Two new CloudTalk team members will soon be using Leadfeeder for outreach and outbound sales.

Grow your leads with Leadfeeder

Using Leadfeeder, CloudTalk can better understand who their prospective customers are and what types of messages resonate with them.

Are you looking for similar results? We can help.

Leadfeeder provides a more in-depth look at who visits your site and where they came from.

We help companies generate new leads, better understand their prospects, and increase the effectiveness of all marketing efforts.

CloudTalk’s favorite features:

  • Pipedrive integration
  • Custom filters
  • Imported lists
  • Email notifications


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