70+ B2B Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

70+ B2B Facebook Ad Examples to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Are you creating a Facebook ad campaign and need some inspiration before you get started? Then, you’re in the right place.

Just about anyone can share a post on Facebook and set up a Facebook advertising campaign in a few minutes.

But there’s a lot more that goes into creating a successful campaign without wasting a ton of money — and it all starts with the ad.

So, to help you come up with design and ad copy ideas, we’ve compiled this list of the best Facebook ad examples from the Facebook News Feed.

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Part 1: Desktop B2B Facebook Ad Examples

1. Airtable

Airtable keeps things simple and appeals to those frustrated with Excel by including the phrase: “Finally, a database that anyone can use.”

Airtable Desktop Facebook Ad Example

2. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services promotes Amazon Translate, a neural machine translation service.

Amazon Web Services B2B Facebook Ad

3. ConvertKit

ConvertKit uses a creative retargeting ad to promote its product to people who have visited the website.

ConvertKit Facebook Ad

4. Credo

Credo’s grabs attention with their CTA by offering a free PDF download about SEO.

Credo Facebook Ad Example

5. Design Pickle

Design Pickle makes it clear they offer “Unlimited Graphic Design Help.”

Design Pickle Facebook Single Image Ad

6. ElderCounsel, LLC

This ad for ElderCounsel appeals to lawyers looking to generate referrals.

Elder Counsel LLC Lead Generation Ad

7. Favro

Favro is a project management app for teams.

Favro B2B Conversion Ad Example

8. Flatiron School

Flatiron School uses a simple graphic and a free course worth $3,000.

Flatiron School Facebook Ad Example

9. Front

Front’s ad appeals to their target audience—support teams looking for a better way to manage their work.

Front Facebook Traffic Ad

10. Fuel Cycle

Fuel Cycle’s ad promotes a content resource for how to create infographics.

Fuel Cycle Facebook Ad Example

11. Fundrise

This ad from Fundrise targets real estate investors.

Fundrise B2B Facebook Ad

12. G Suite

Google’s ad promotes the referral program for G Suite.

G Suite B2B Facebook Ad Example

13. Grow.com

Grow.com includes a screenshot of its “Customer Acquisition Dashboard” to show users their value proposition—how their tool can be used to gain deeper insight.

Grow Facebook Ad Example

14. Hotjar

Hotjar includes an image its tool works so users can see it in action.

Hotjar B2B Facebook Ad Example

15. Hubspot

Hubspot appeals to Facebook users by promoting its “100% free forever” CRM.

HubSpot Facebook Ad Example

16. Human Interest

Human Interest uses simple ad copy: affordable 401(k) plans that are “half the cost of a typical 401(k).”

Human Interest B2B Facebook Ad

17. IDEO U

IDEO used this Facebook ad to promote an introductory class for design thinking.

IDEO U Facebook Ad Example

18. Krit

This ad from Krit promotes its newsletter for startup founders.

Krit Facebook Ad Example

19. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure promotes a free e-book about cloud architecture.

Microsoft Azure B2B Facebook Ad Example

20. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics uses its ad to attract HR managers interested in employee engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics B2b Facebook Ad

21. MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy keeps things simple by including a quick snapshot of its product interface as the ad image, along with a straightforward CTA button.

MicroStrategy B2B Facebook Ad Example

22. Outbrain

Outbrain runs an image ad promoting a PPC marketing webinar.

Outbrain Facebook Ad Example for B2B

23. Pardot

Pardot’s ad promotes a lead generation guide for B2B marketers.

Pardot B2B Facebook Ad Example

24. Shift

Shift includes a graphic of its interface to let users know its tool is designed to manage multiple email accounts—speaking right to customer pain points.

Shift Facebook Ad Example

25. Slack

Slack uses a colorful, custom graphic to grab attention and lead users to its free e-book download.

Slack B2B Facebook Ad Example

26. Thinkific

Thinkific uses its great Facebook ads to promote a recent blog post: “12 Ways to Promote Your Online Course Your Audience Will Love!”

Thinkific Facebook Ad Example

27. Toptal

This ad from Toptal promotes a recent blog post about the history of design.

Toptal Facebook Ad Example for B2B

28. WiseStamp

WiseStamp uses a Facebook ad to promote its email signature service.

WiseStamp B2B Facebook Ad Example

29. WordStream

WordStream entices Facebook users with a free guide: “Hacking AdWords (One Weird Trick That Could Save You Thousands).”

WordStream Facebook Ad Example for B2B

30. WP Engine

WP Engine uses its ad to promote its latest blog post: “WordPress Mistakes Agencies and Their Clients Make (And How To Fix Them).”

WordPress Engine Facebook Ad Example

31. Wyng

Wyng offers users a free ebook called: “The Best Interactive Marketing Campaigns of 2017.”

Wyng Facebook B2B Ad Example

32. Zendesk

Zendesk uses a simple image and ad text to get readers thinking about communication.

Zendesk B2B Facebook Ad Example

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Part 2: Mobile B2B Facebook Ad Examples

33. 99designs

99designs uses a custom graphic and the ad text “there’s more where this came from” to quickly let people know they can have custom graphics created at 99designs.

99Designs Facebook Ad Example for B2B

34. AdRoll

AdRoll uses a Facebook ad to promote a guide for Instagram advertising.

AdRoll Facebook Ad Example for B2B

35. Bing Ads

This ad from Bing Ads offers a $100 advertising credit.

Bing Ads Facebook Ad Example for B2B

36. BirdEye Inc.

Birdeye uses a simple graphic to capture the attention of businesses that need Google reviews.

BirdEye Inc. Facebook Ad Example B2B

37. CB Insights

CB Insights runs an ad featuring its special report: “The State of Artificial Intelligence.”

CB Insights B2B Facebook Ad Example

38. Close.io

Close.io uses a goofy ad image and a free download to grab attention.

Close.io B2B Facebook Ad

39. Culture Amp

Culture Amp uses a colorful custom graphic with a simple CTA (“LEARN MORE”).

Culture Amp B2B Facebook Ad Example

40. Drip

Drip runs a Facebook ad featuring its free guide to eCommerce marketing.

Drip Facebook Ad Example for B2B

41. EmberTribe

EmberTribe uses a case study in which they scaled a client to “$77,000/mo. Revenue in 30 Days.”

EmberTribe Facebook Mobile Ad Example for B2B

42. GatherContent

GatherContent offers a list of questions to help service providers kick off a website redesign project.

GatherContent B2B Facebook Ad Example

43. Graphics Zoo

Graphics Zoo uses a stock image with ad text to display their pricing, money-back guarantee, and unlimited graphic design services.

Graphics Zoo Facebook Ad Example

44. Help Scout

Help Scout keeps its effective Facebook ad simple by focusing on the value it provides: lower email volume, productive teammates, and happy customers.

Help Scout B2B Facebook Ad Example

45. IBM Watson

IBM Watson promotes a virtual summit, including a talk by Seth Godin—an enticing offer for their target market.

IBM Watson Mobile Facebook Ad Example

46. Justworks

This ad from Justworks uses checkmarks to highlight key benefits from its service.

Justworks Facebook Ad Example for B2B

47. Leadspace

Leadspace run an ad offering a free download for B2B marketers interested in artificial intelligence.

Leadspace Facebook Ad Example

48. Marin Software

Marin Software uses social proof to persuade Facebook users to click their ad.

Marin Software Facebook Ad Example for B2B

49. Media Placement Service

Media Placement Service offers a free course for entrepreneurs, authors, and coaches.

Media Placement Service Facebook Ad Example

50. Mint SIM

Mint SIM uses a custom graphic to promote it $15/month plan.

Mint SIM B2B Facebook Ad Example

51. Mira Screen Signage

Mira Screen uses a quick-comparison ad image to show the difference screen signage can make for a business.

Mira Screen Signage Facebook Ad Example for B2B

52. Moz

This Moz ad features information about the company’s 30-day trial.

Moz Mobile Facebook Ad Example

53. NeoReach

NeoReach uses Facebook to promote their influencer identification tool.

NeoReach B2B Facebook Ad Example

54. Optimizely

Optimizely uses a Facebook ad to promote a free ebook about reducing risk when re-launching a website.

Optimizely Mobile Facebook Ad Example

55. Outgrow

Outgrow promotes its guide to interactive content.

Outgrow Facebook Ad Example

56. Pardot

Pardot promotes a high-quality content asset highlighting recent marketing trends.

Pardot B2B Facebook Ad Example

57. Podia

Podia is a service that allows people to create memberships and online courses. Here, they try to appeal to a specific audience: content creators.

Podia Facebook Ad Example for B2B

58. Prezi

Prezi uses a stock photo and lengthy ad copy to explain why PowerPoint presentations don’t work and how their product enables users to create high-quality visual stories.

Prezi B2B Facebook Mobile Ad Example

59. Raw Shorts

Raw Shorts include a graphic of their drag-and-drop interface with the text “Make Animated Video Online” to entice businesses want to DIY their own videos.

Raw Shorts Facebook Ad Example

60. Right Networks

Right Networks features a customer quote to catch potential customers’ attention.

Right Networks B2B Facebook Ad Example

61. Shopify

Shopify use their ad on drop shipping to cater to their target market—people who want to make some extra money on the side.

Shopify Facebook Ad Example for B2B

62. Shutterstock Custom

Shutterstock promotes its custom content service.

Shutterstock Custom B2B Facebook Ad Example

63. SiteGround

SiteGround uses their ad to promote their free “WP transfer” service to business owners looking to build a website.

SiteGround Facebook Ad Example

64. Spotify for Brands

Spotify for Brands promotes its platform for audio advertisements that build brand awareness.

Spotify for Brands Facebook Ad Example for B2B

65. Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers a personalized demo of its service.

Sprout Social B2B Facebook Ad Example

66. Thumbtack

Thumbtack caters to business owners by promoting that they can find new customers without needing to pay a commission or subscribe to their site.

Thumbtack Facebook Ad Example for B2B

67. Trademark Engine

Trademark Engine promotes that users can file a trademark online in “just 5 minutes” - an activity that can often take business owners much longer to do.

Trademark Engine Facebook Ad Example

68. Tray.io

Tray.io promotes a guide to automation platforms.

Tray Facebook Ad Example

69. Udemy

Udemy runs a Facebook ad promoting a course on growing an Instagram following.

Udemy B2B Facebook Ad Example

70. WalkMe

WalkMe uses social proof (“Join 1000’s of enterprises…:”) to entice Facebook users to click their ad.

WalkMe Facebook Ad Example for B2B

71. Wealth Factory

Wealth Factory uses a custom ad image to grab attention and quickly illustrate that businesses can fix their cash flow problem with their service.

Wealth Factory Facebook Ad Example

72. Workplace by Facebook

Facebook is even creating Facebook ads—running an ad for its Workplace by Facebook service.

Workplace Facebook Ad Example

73. Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business promotes its web hosting service.

Yahoo Small Business B2B Facebook Ad Example

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