How Live Chat Can Help You Increase Online Sales

How Live Chat Can Help You Increase Online Sales

04 September 2020

A live chat tool can be used for more than just customer service. It also does a great job of generating leads and boosting your conversion rate and easily complements visitor tracking software like Leadfeeder.

Let’s take a look at a few of benefits that online chat can give you in terms of delivering great service and increasing your online sales.

Personalized customer service

Imagine you run a sports store and there’s no one in there to provide help. Customers would be very confused, right? The same happens when a website doesn’t offer live help.

With live chat, you can track what a customer is looking for and offer personalized help: “Hi, do you need some help choosing a yoga mat?”

The other advantage for personalized customer service is recognizing returning customers. After all, what do you like more than when someone says: “Hello, how can I help you?” or “Hi John, it’s good to have you back here. What can I help you with?”

This also works with B2B customers if you want to build trust by showing you’re genuinely interested.

Well-timed greetings

Chat greetings, which are proactive (automated), start a chat with a visitor based on their behaviour.

“Hi, I see you’ve just created a custom feed. Do you need some help setting up more filters?”

When you’re not at the computer you can set up greetings so the chat starts automatically. How about an automated message after a visitor has been browsing your website for, let’s say, 30 seconds?

Starting a conversation with a customer when you’re not at the computer is like greeting a customer when you’re not actually in the store. Obviously when a customer writes you back, you get a notification so you can respond promptly.


Getting your chat window to look like the rest of the page evokes trust among potential customers. There are a lot of options when it comes to customizing your chat window, like logo, brand colours, social widgets, agent photo, size and shape, background image.

A good customized chat window will enable you to speak to more visitors and that translates into more sales.

Discovering customer pain points

Chat can be also used to discover customer pain points. A pain point is a customer frustration or a need that has yet to be met. Friendly conversations on chat can reveal deep insights and dramatically help improve customer satisfaction and conversion rate. Getting customer feedback is priceless and when done well can vastly enhance your product.

For example, you might get a lot of questions about the price of adding additional users so it may be a good idea to add this information to your support site, or make it more prominent if it’s already there.

Put an office in your pocket

Most people don’t spend their entire day at their desks with their laptops on. Especially entrepreneurs who have meetings in the city.

Yet it doesn’t have to mean they miss important live conversations. Some live chat tools are available on mobile, so wherever you go, live chat can go with you. I like to call it the “put-an-office-in-your-pocket” feature.

Make a sale

One of the biggest factors of making a sale is smooth communication with your prospect. Smooth communication is mostly about resolving customers’ doubts by answering all of their questions.

Customers want help, but they don’t want to have to go out their way to call and talk to people. Calling, waiting on hold, navigating phone trees – all of that potentially causes customer frustrations. By being there when they need you, you make sure they are satisfied and happy and that will ensure you get sales.

Olga Kolodynska is a Content Writer for LiveChat. She’s responsible for preparing articles and monthly newsletters. If she’s not working on her newest post, she’s probably hiking somewhere in the Polish mountains. You can read more of Olga’s articles here.

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