New People Timeline turns MailChimp into powerful sales tool

We recently announced Leadfeeder’s integration to Mailchimp, the first step in a product journey that will result in more individual website visitors inside Leadfeeder and integrations for the best marketing and sales tools around.

The new people timeline in Leadfeeder is a significant upgrade on the current functionality. People timeline shares marketing data to sales people in a way no other tool does.

Our belief is that no single tool can answer all your needs in online lead generation. That’s why you should choose special-purpose tools for your toolstack, such as Pipedrive CRM and MailChimp for email marketing. We’re enabling that with our integrations.

Our current MailChimp integration shows you what individuals do on your website when they click through from one of your email campaigns, giving powerful lead generation and lead monitoring insights for marketing people.


In practice it has meant the reduced need for clever guesswork when deciding whom to contact at your prospect company and plenty more readily available insights about what existing prospects do on your website.

Users have responded warmly to the current integration, as you can see in the quotes below, but we wanted to take it further and that’s what the new People Timeline delivers; putting people front and centre in the app.

Below you’ll find all the important details about what the upgrade entails and why it’s a sales prospector’s dream.

Picture of Luke Goetting

The Mailchimp integration allows us to easily track where our newsletter readers navigate on our website. If we see they continue on from our initial link to another service we offer, we can tailor our follow-up conversations to acknowledge their additional interests.

Luke Goetting Presentation Specialist at Puffingston.

Picture of Rene Looper

Mailchimp already gives us information on who opened email and which links they clicked in the email campaign but it is fascinating to see more in-depth data on people coming to our web site from email campaigns, including what pages they have been looking at. It gives us a better understanding of what our customers are interested in and how we can better serve them.

Rene Looper Founder & Managing Director at Tuminds.

Picture of Merilyn Leis

Scoro uses Leadfeeder’s Mailchimp integration to get an overview of how our users are interacting with our site. We use the information for better targeting with future emails. It’s an excellent tool for visitor insights!

Merily Leis Marketing Specialist at Scoro.

We wanted to take it further and that’s what the new People Timeline delivers; putting people front and centre in the app.

Below you’ll find all the important details about what the upgrade entails and why it’s a sales prospector’s dream.

New People Timeline – see everyone’s entire history

What Leadfeeder provides is a unique value proposition: the ability to go beyond email opens and clicks to see what your contacts do on your website. For many users, especially salespeople, the current integration has been instrumental in their ability to direct conversations with current prospects and existing clients.

Listening to users’ feedback got us thinking: if seeing people is so important then what if we turned the whole Leadfeeder interface upside down?

What if instead of starting from identified companies we could show people in equal focus in the Leadfeeder interface in a People Timeline that would look similar to our lead list of companies.

The focus of the change is to put people front and centre. It doesn’t matter which campaigns they came from; what we are showing is their total combined behaviour.

The People Timeline brings huge benefits for Mailchimp users, but we believe the biggest benefit comes from the opportunities salespeople have to harvest the seeds planted by marketing.

Users who have integrated Mailchimp now have a new button in their Leadfeeder called “People”.

Arrow pointing to people button in Leadfeeder interface

When you click on “People” you see a list of people who’ve come to your website via your MailChimp campaigns.

People timeline view in Leadfeeder interface

After you click on a person on the left their visit details for the selected time frame open in the right-hand panel.

Individual's details in Leadfeeder's new people timeline

If you want to get a quick view of the actual email sent with MailChimp you can click the eye icon next to the campaign without logging into MailChimp.

Arrow pointing to link to campaign email

Other facts:

  • You see where a contact went on your website; not just the page they landed on via your MailChimp campaign.
  • You can filter your People Timeline by quality and last visit.
  • As with the companies-focussed lead list, the overall quality of a person’s activity for the selected time period is visible with the traffic light colours.
  • You can filter people’s behaviour by campaign.
  • A person’s location is based on their actual network location, not on the email server location.
  • MailChimp visitors from a home network or from an Internet Service Provider are shown here (these visitors don’t show as companies in the traditional companies lead list)

People Timeline in action – enabling sales and marketing to work together

Earlier we wrote a story about Joe, to illustrate how an old-school sales guy learns how to become a social seller. So, let’s follow Joe once again to understand how he adapts to the sales insights provided by Leadfeeder’s MailChimp integration.

Joe has learned to check online leads every now and then. Yet he’s really busy with his existing sales initiatives so when he finds a spare moment to look for leads he wants to be able to take action.

Joe has heard his company’s marketing department is really keen on email campaigns and he knows they are sending out newsletters and push updates to blog subscribers. Open rates and CTRs have been increasing and Google Analytics has been showing an increase in website visitors.

Then one day Joe’s colleague from the marketing department mentions that “Mailchimp is now integrated with Leadfeeder”.

He immediately forgets what’s integrated with what, but next time he logs into Leadfeeder he notices something new…

Picture of Tom Hanks looking for contact details

People Timeline – do we mean actual contacts? “ he asks to himself.

So Joe goes to Leadfeeder’s new People Timeline and notices that there are basically three types of people shown in the MailChimp integration:

  1. completely new contacts he’s not even aware of;
  2. contacts from familiar companies that he’s really interested in;
  3. contacts that he is already familiar with and would love to move further down the sales funnel.

For type 1) Joe gets their twitter handle with Rapportive and starts applying the learnings from his social selling adventure.

For type 2) Joe sends a note to the marketing department asking them to include the contact in further marketing campaigns and with more targeted content. (The contact has been browsing especially one specific product so it makes sense.)

For type 3) Joe sends his best follow-up sales email to the person who’s been browsing his website quite extensively and proposes a meeting.

During the weeks that follow Joe and his marketing department get together a few times to laser-target content for the select few hugely promising accounts.

Try it yourself

Joe’s approach is quite similar to our most successful users (check out Sales Director Antero’s story from here on nurturing leads), but now the MailChimp integration with People Timeline brings it all together.

Now you can try it yourself - just follow the steps from Leadfeeder integrates with Mailchimp post.

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