Get more leads to Salesforce with Leadfeeder integration

Get more leads to Salesforce with Leadfeeder integration

Thanks to Leadfeeder’s integration for Salesforce you can now easily send web leads straight to your Salesforce CRM and get alerts when qualified Salesforce leads and customers visit your website.

Leadfeeder alerts Salesforce users when prospects have been online and shows what leads and customers are looking at on your website. The integration means that important and actionable digital marketing data becomes available to salespeople in Salesforce.

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Leadfeeder integration for Salesforce now live

Today we’re delighted to announce that we’ve released the Leadfeeder integration for Salesforce. This means that people using Leadfeeder Premium or trial can push new web leads to Salesforce and connect leads, accounts and opportunities in Salesforce with website visitors shown in Leadfeeder. If you’ve not tried Leadfeeder before you can sign up for a free 14-day trial or if you’re using the Lite version and you’d like another free Premium trial with access to all your data then contact us.

The big lead generation picture: How does Leadfeeder work and what does it mean for Salesforce users?

Leadfeeder is a web app for marketing and sales that plugs into your Google Analytics data to show you companies visiting your website. Because typically only around 2% of website visitors sign up or give their contact details on it means that there are hundreds and thousands of companies that go undetected on your website every day.

We’re on a mission to turn marketing insights into sales opportunities so we built Leadfeeder. Plus we know the simple truth that more leads equals more sales.

Up until now Salesforce users have been exporting leads from Leadfeeder to excel and we’ve been feeding leads into the hands of sales staff with customized email alerts but we realized all along that our customers needed Leadfeeder to integrate within their existing suite of marketing and sales tools, namely Salesforce.

The big idea underpinning our product development roadmap is that companies want to pick and choose the best tools and not get stuck in one big and expensive vendor’s ecosystem. As part of this drive we’ve also released integrations for Pipedrive CRM, Zoho CRM and webCRM. On top of this we connect to the leading email marketing tool, MailChimp, to show you what real people do on your website when they click through from one of your MailChimp email campaigns. It means that you can target the hottest prospects easily and follow up in a timely manner with a great follow up sales email.

What does the integration for Salesforce do and who is it for?

The Leadfeeder integration for Salesforce is available for all the Salesforce editions (Unlimited, Enterprise, Professional and Group) and anyone using Leadfeeder Premium or on Premium trial can take it into use.

To make the integration is very simple and quick (takes a couple of minutes) and we’ve set out here the simple steps to integrate (links to other support articles are below).

Once you’ve integrated Leadfeeder to your Salesforce and you have configured your Salesforce views the integration will allow you to connect leads to Salesforce accounts or Salesforce leads.

The accounts, leads and opportunities can already exist in Salesforce or you can create new ones directly from the Leadfeeder user interface. Next we explain how.

How to connect a lead to Salesforce (very simple):

  • When you spot an interesting lead in Leadfeeder choose whether you want to connect it to Salesforce as a lead or account, as seen below:

Interesting lead in Leadfeeder

  • Check whether you want to include website visit history from that company (checked below) or only future website visits tracked by Leadfeeder.

Connect a lead to Salesforce

  • Choose from the Leadfeeder UI if you want to create a new account/lead in Salesforce or connect to an existing one, as seen above.

What you see in Salesforce after you’ve connected a Leadfeeder lead:

After connecting a lead with Salesforce, visits will appear like shown below (with the Salesforce Lightning UI it will look a bit different).

See leads visit data in Salesforce

When you click on an individual visit in Salesforce:

Individual lead in Salesforce

What’s the benefit of using Leadfeeder’s integration for Salesforce instead of the old lead exporting methods?

Some of the first people to try out the Salesforce integration snapped up the opportunity when we offered access through our Leadfeeder Facebook user group, including Kati from Csolutor, which is one of the leading Salesforce solution provider in Finland. Kati is Digital marketing and lead generation manager and this is her evaluation after taking Leadfeeder’s Salesforce integration into use:

Kati from Csolutor

“We were really happy with the way Leadfeeder worked before now but the integration options weren’t perfect for our company. Still, overall it was the best option on the market for generating new leads for us from our website traffic because of the price and accuracy of the data. With the Salesforce integration for Leadfeeder our business has been given a good boost in terms of efficiency and use of time because instead of manual work our lead generation process now became really automated. Automated lead generation is a kind of holy grail for a sales team and we’ve simply started off by running through the companies in Leadfeeder and connecting them to Salesforce, it doesn’t take long to do. Now that’s done the sales guys get juicy info in Salesforce without even needing to log in to Leadfeeder and the more marketing and business focused people connect new qualified leads in Leadfeeder to Salesforce.”

Sales with Leadfeeder: stories from other successful companies


FA Solutions eradicated cold calling and perfected their sales pitch because they knew what their prospects were interested in before they got in touch.


Framery gave their resellers more sales leads to chase by assigning and emailing the best leads to their people in the field.


Bitrec added companies they found in Leadfeeder to Pipedrive and Romas the CEO reaches out to leads using Leadfeeder’s LinkedIn connection that tells him who the decision-maker is.

To see other customer success stories and get ideas for successful lead generation techniques check out these stories or check out the public reviews at Google Analytics Partner Gallery.

Leadfeeder support guides for Salesforce users:

1.How to make the Leadfeeder integration for Salesforce

2.Instructions for connecting a Leadfeeder lead with Salesforce

3.Salesforce Classic UI: configure your Salesforce organizations for Leadfeeder

4.Salesforce Lightning UI: configure your Salesforce organizations for Leadfeeder

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