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Leadfeeder is committed to bringing integrations to all major CRMs. Our current CRM integrations include Pipedrive, WebCRM and Zoho.

One of our first ever CRM integrations was made with webCRM. You can read more about our integrations here.

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If you are a webCRM user, you can easily send leads from Leadfeeder to your webCRM and create activities on them automatically. Get your hot leads easily from Leadfeeder to your sales staff and they can start working on them immediately.

With CRM integration, one person can go through all the leads in Leadfeeder and then send the best leads straight to CRM where sales people are used to operate.

When a lead is sent to CRM, sales person gets notified and they can continue the sales person normally.

All the future visits by the lead will be sent to WebCRM, too. Ever been in a situation when a lead tells they are not ready to make the decision just yet? That’s pretty typical. When you see the lead getting active again by visiting your website, you know it’s the time to contact your prospect again.

WebCRM integration is available for all Leadfeeder Premium and Trial users starting today. WebCRM Plus or Enterprise licence is required.

How to get started

If you are currently using WebCRM but are not familiar with Leadfeeder our tool generates leads from your website visitors. It integrates to Google Analytics for a quick 30-second setup. You can use the integration and all the features with our 30 days free trial.

Leadfeeder works by connecting to Google Analytics, so make sure you have access to your company’s Google Analytics account. No script installation or changes to the website are required and you can access historical data from the past 30 days right after the signup.

Once you are logged in to your Leadfeeder account, you can access Integrations menu in Your settings.

Access settings by clicking your username on top right and then Your settings.

Connecting webCRM

Before setting up the integration, you should create the following user defined fields in webCRM:

The fields can be created under “Configuration -> User defined fields -> Organisation” and must be created as the specified type:

  • webLink: Create as type “web-link”
  • Referrer: Create as type “text”
  • Visit duration: Create as type “text”
  • Keywords: Create as type “text”
  • Leadfeeder ID: Create as unique under ‘extra user defined fields (one of the first 4 among the lower 8 field options).
  • Memo: Create as type “memo”

Navigate to ‘Configuration’ / Integration/ Leadfeeder’.

Screenshot of webCRM menu

You will see the following configuration page:

Screenshot of webCRM settings

On the configuration page you’re asked to enter your Leadfeeder account number. See here how to find it.

Map the integration fields to the custom fields you want and created before.

A memo field can be used to save several data items from Leadfeeder. Memo will contain the detailed information about the visit, such as page path and source.

Once done click ‘Verify integration’ this will take you to new view. There by clicking on “Continue to Leadfeeder to confirm the integration” it will open a pop-up in which you can confirm the integration with Leadfeeder.

Screenshot from Leadfeeder interface showing accept dialog for webCRM integration

Click ‘Accept’ and you’re done! Now you can start sending your leads from Leadfeeder to webCRM.

Screenshot showing where to send lead to webCRM

After the integration is done it’s available for all Leadfeeder users in your account.

Troubleshooting WebCRM and Leadfeeder

If you are having trouble setting up the connection or if you need ideas on how you can leverage WebCRM and Leadfeeder together properly, let us know in the chat!

If you are still having troubles getting grasp of the whole Leadfeeder thing, check out this tutorial video.

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Leadfeeder is a Google Analytics tool that shows you companies that visit your website. Leadfeeder generates new leads, offers insight on your customers and can help you increase your marketing ROI.

If you liked this blog post, you'll probably love Leadfeeder, too. Sign up requires a Google Analytics account and you can see results right after the sign up.

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