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What Is Growth Marketing Automation? Here's What You Need to Know to Grow in 2024

21 December 2023

Have you heard of growth marketing automation?

I’m sure you have — growth marketing is typically part of your larger marketing strategy. 

Today, I'll show you how to take growth marketing further by adding automation into the mix.

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What is growth marketing automation?

Growth marketing is a marketing process that focuses on fast, sustainable growth. If you are ready to scale, growth marketing might be the right approach.

Depending on your business, growth marketing strategies might include:

Sometimes you'll also hear growth marketing called "growth hacking." (Gotta love a good buzzword, right? 😬)

Anyway, we're not just talking about growth marketing — we're talking about building a growth marketing automation strategy.

Here's what that means: when you pair growth marketing with automation, you get a growth-focused marketing strategy that takes less time.

5 steps for creating your growth marketing automation strategy

At Leadfeeder, we're huge proponents of automation. When used right, it can supercharge growth, drive leads, and help businesses of all sizes deliver a killer customer experience.

Add automation to the mix, and you get dynamite growth. To start, you'll need a growth marketing strategy. Once you have that, it's time to look at using automation to reach your goals. Here are a few ways automation can drive your growth strategy.

Streamline data collection and analysis with automatic reporting

If you're focused on growth, you likely have a million other tasks on your plate. However, you have to prioritize data to understand what drives growth and what doesn't.

Did you know automation can collect and analyze data for you? It can even build reports you can use to show your team or investors how business is going.

Leverage Google Data Studio integrations and templates to take care of data collection while you focus on other growth strategies.

Even better, they have tons of templates for marketing reports.

Google Data Studio marketing templates

Automate parts of your account-based marketing strategy

Account-based marketing is a popular growth marketing strategy — but it's also time-consuming.

If you aren't familiar with account-based marketing (ABM), it is a B2B strategy that targets specific companies rather than targeting a wide audience and seeing who bites.

ABM is popular among growth marketers because it helps you create personalized content and campaigns that increase conversions and — you guessed it — drive growth.

Using tools like Leadfeeder, you can automate some of the ABM process. For example, you can create a customized alert to let you know when someone from your target account visits your website. We'll even show you what content they viewed and how long they stayed on each page.

You can use that information to stay on top of your ABM strategy without checking in every day.

Side note, we recently did a great webinar on AMB strategy, bookmark it for a rainy day. ☔️

Automate the start of the lead conversion process

You want to grow, and you want to grow fast. You can't do that if leads are languishing in your CRM or never make it to your sales team at all.

We got you, fam.

With Leadfeeder automation, you can set parameters for what you consider a hot lead — and then tell us what to do with it.

Say you target B2B companies in the US with more than 100 employees that have expressed buyer intent.

When someone from a company that meets those criteria hits your site, we can shoot you a message via email or Slack.

If you want to be fancy, you can tell us to send it straight over to your CRM, create an account, or even assign it to the right salesperson.

Use chatbots to streamline lead qualification

Chatbots, as you may know, are applications you can add to your website to answer questions, send users resources, and, yes, even qualify leads.

Rather than using a bot to just share information about what your business does and pricing, you can ask detailed questions about who they are, what they need, and what types of services they are interested in. These are all details that you need to qualify leads and zero in on accounts that matter.

Depending on the chatbot platform you use, you might be able to send those leads right to your CRM — along with the lead qualification information they've already provided.

This saves your sales team time and provides crucial information they can use to close more deals.

Add email automation to your marketing toolbox

If you aren't already using email automation, you're wasting time and likely losing leads.

Today, email automation is pretty sophisticated. For example, you can use it to:

  • Nurture leads with drip campaigns: Create the campaign once and use email automation to nurture thousands of leads.

  • Create email triggers: Automatically send emails when users take a specific action such as visiting your pricing or demo page, abandoning their cart, or downloading a lead magnet.

  • Re-engage lost leads that return to your site: Sometimes leads just aren't ready to buy. You can use email automation to engage visitors that return to your website after a specified amount of time and bring them back into the funnel.

  • Streamline onboarding: Use email automation to create an onboarding sequence that helps new customers get off on the right foot and lowers churn

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies, with an average ROI of 4,200 percent. Adding automation to the mix helps growth-focused businesses make the most of it.

Growth marketing automation strategies drive real growth

Automation + growth marketing = the perfect match. Combining growth marketing and automation is a sure-fire way to drive growth. When you spend less time on repetitive tasks, you have more time to build products, fix bugs, and grow your business.

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Daire Summerville
By Daire Summerville

Head of Growth at Leadfeeder. Daire is a digital growth expert with expertise in Google Analytics, Google Ads, GTM & SEO.

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