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What you can achieve with Discover

IP to company name recognition

IP to company name recognition

The Leadfeeder Discover API reveals the company name associated with an IP address. We’ve created a unique company database of both static and dynamic IP addresses, with the latter typically hard to match with a company name. To counteract that, our proprietary data sources, along with our algorithm, provide a steady stream of updates from multiple identifying locations of both office and remote workers and changes of dynamic IP ownership.

Leadfeeder Discover returns real-time data such as company name, industry, location, size, plus much more for any given IP address.

IP to company name recognition
Build perfect ad audiences
Build perfect ad audiences

Build perfect ad audiences

Leadfeeder Discover helps marketers, ABM platforms, and display networks to create more granular audiences using IP address-based firmographic filters. Marketers can target advertising to visitors from certain IP addresses, and ad tech companies can offer advanced IP-based targeting possibilities to their client base. This approach proves a much higher match rate compared to cookie based targeting.

Enrich data in your existing service or database

Enrich data in your existing service or database

You can use Leadfeeder Discover to enrich the data in your current service. For example, you can use the data to understand which companies your visitors and users are from. Choose from firmographic, geographic, or business operations information to add to your existing data.

Enrich data in your existing service or database
Tailor-made website experiences
Tailor-made website experiences

Tailor-made website experiences

Leadfeeder Discover contains firmographic information enhancing the level of personalization you can offer your website visitors. You can personalize your buyer’s journey based on company size, employee count, or industry, providing superior web user experiences.

Why Leadfeeder Discover?

In short, unlike other providers, we also track dynamic IP address changes, and then perform a rematching of company details to dynamic IP. Others track only static IP addresses, built from publicly accessible records.

Unless connected via VPN, remote workers will be on a dynamic IP address. With the world turning to remote work, Leadfeeder Discover continues to match IP to company at an industry leading level. View our Discover API documentation for more information.

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During the first month of using Leadfeeder Discover, we have been able to target personalized content to seventeen times more site visitors than before. This is a tremendous improvement when compared with our previous results, and we anticipate that we will continue to achieve strong growth in the future.

Titta Nummi,
Head of Brand and Customer marketing (B2B), DNA

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