Google Analytics Data Usage Policy

Leadfeeder Google Analytics Data Usage Policy

Leadfeeder Google Analytics Data Usage Policy

This document was last updated on June 25, 2014

This document outlines Leadfeeder Google Analytics data usage.

Data retrieval

Leadfeeder connects to and retrieves data from Google Analytics via Google Analytics Reporting API. New data is retrieved periodically to allow for showing the updated information to the user.

Authentication and authorization

The authorization for the data access is done using OAuth, where customer authorizes Leadfeeder's access to his/her Google Analytics data in the Google's authorization service. Leadfeeder never requires and never asks users' Google usernames or passwords.

Leadfeeder also supports signing up and logging in with Google's OAuth service.

Data storage

Data retrieved from Google Analytics APIs are processed and stored on Leadfeeder databases formatted suitably for displaying the reports for the user.

Stored Google Analytics data can be deleted on customer request.

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