Integrate Google Data Studio with Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder’s Google Data Studio connector allows you to pull info from Leadfeeder to your Data Studio dashboards.

Now, you can unite your data in one place by utilizing our integration with Google Data Studio. You can now easily connect your data from spreadsheets, Analytics, Google Ads, Google BigQuery and most importantly: Leadfeeder.

With this powerful integration, users can also group Leadfeeder data by multiple dimensions, such as campaigns, keywords, page URLs, to name a few, to create cohesive reports and dashboards—no code or queries required.

According to Google, when using Google Data Studio, users can also “[…] create meaningful, shareable charts and graphs with a few clicks — just drag and drop. Customize everything from colors to logos, add shapes and images, insert dynamic controls, and easily give viewers a way to select the data they want to see in a report from multiple sources”.

With Leadfeeder and Google Data Studio combined, you can visualize the story your lead generation efforts are creating. Create versatile, custom reports to send to different stakeholders in your company so they can focus on qualifying the leads that matter most and the marketing data they need to measure success.

How to get started

Benefits of integrating Google Data Studio and Leadfeeder

Embed Leadfeeder data to your Google Data Studio dashboards

Google Data Studio containing Leadfeeder data

Group your Leadfeeder data by multiple dimensions (campaigns, keywords, page URLs, etc.)

Lead visualisation inside Data Studio

Create versatile reports to different stakeholders in your company

Geographical report of Leadfeeder leads

Leadfeeder knows who’s visiting your website

Free leads from Google Analytics. No extra script installation needed.

See for yourself

Free trial. No credit card required.

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