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Google Hangouts Chat Integration

Connect your team’s Google Hangouts Chat to Leadfeeder so you can seamlessly send leads from Leadfeeder to your Chats.

What is Google Hangouts Chat

Leadfeeder also has, besides our Slack integration, a new collaboration-focused integration with Google’s G-Suite Hangouts Chat.

This adds just one more way Leadfeeder users can successfully make sure team members have quick access to the leads that are hot, and quickly let their coworkers know who to contact, and why.

The Hangouts Chat integration is available for all our Trial and Premium membership-level customers.

Benefits of integrating Google Hangouts Chat and Leadfeeder

Once you've successfully integrated Leadfeeder to your Hangouts Chat space you can send Leadfeeder leads to Hangouts Chat.

Simply is use the button in your Leadfeeder dashboard “Send to Hangouts Chat” in the lead details section. By clicking on it, the chat space list will open up. Choose the space you want to send the lead to and hit “Send.” In case the space you want to send the lead is not appearing, mention @LeadfeederBot on the space to get it on the list.

From Leadfeeder to Google Hangouts Chat, you can see:

  • Send any company identified in Leadfeeder to Hangouts Chat

  • Hangouts Chat integration with Leadfeeder

  • Send leads identified in Leadfeeder directly to a specific Room in Hangouts

  • Hangouts Chat integration with Leadfeeder

  • Send companies directly to Google Hangouts automatically via your Leadfeeder Custom Feeds

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