webCRM Integration

Easily send leads from Leadfeeder to your webCRM and create activities on them automatically from the Leadfeeder app.

What is webCRM

WebCRM is a flexible CRM trusted by more than 20,000+ users in 20 countries. By integrating WebCRM to Leadfeeder, you can send accounts and activity details from Leadfeeder directly to WebCRM. WebCRM integration is available for all Leadfeeder Premium and Trial users. In addition, a WebCRM Plus or Enterprise licence is required.

Benefits of integrating webCRM and Leadfeeder

If you are a webCRM user, you can easily send leads from Leadfeeder to your webCRM and create activities on them automatically. Get your hot leads easily from Leadfeeder to your sales staff and they can start working on them immediately.

From Leadfeeder to webCRM, you can:

  • Review all the leads in your Leadfeeder and send the most interesting leads straight to your webCRM pipeline.
  • When a lead is sent to webCRM, your assigned salesperson gets notified and they can continue the sales process.
  • Track ‘warm’ leads as you see them getting active again on your website— now you’ll know it’s time to contact them again for outreach.

How to get started

  • First, make sure you have Administrator Privileges for the webCRM account you want to connect with your Leadfeeder account. After you secure the right access, the steps are minimal.
  • Go to integrations.leadfeeder.com and select the Leadfeeder account you want to connect to your webCRM.
  • Then, select the webCRM icon. After your integration is complete, you’re ready to send leads to webCRM.

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