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The Top 17 Demand Generation Tools

08 August 2022

Forget lead generation, are you ready to level up your demand generation strategy?

You could spend hours developing a new lead scoring system, debating the best KPIs, and taking courses….or you could find a demand generation software tool to help you work smarter, not harder. 

To drive growth, you need to develop a demand generation program. And that's precisely what the right tools can do. Today, we will share the best demand generation tools to get in front of qualified leads —including the ones we use here at Leadfeeder. 

But first, what makes demand generation tools great? 

Note: Leadfeeder shows you what companies visit your website so you can track the impact of your demand generation strategies. Try us free for 14 days.

What makes a good demand gen tool?

A great demand generation tool helps increase brand awareness, contact relevant leads, and expand your market share. But what makes a good demand gen tool versus just another outbound platform no one will use? 

Look, nobody wants to learn how to use another tool that isn't actually going to help them get things done. 

While coming up with this list of the best demand generation tools, we looked at: 

  • Value: Price matters, but even expensive tools can be worth the cost if they deliver. We made sure the tools on this list are worth the cost. 

  • Features: Does it do what it says—and does it do it well? Demand generation is about driving interest, so you want a tool that provides features you can't get anywhere else. 

  • Ease of use: Is the tool easy to use? This includes how user-friendly it is and how well it plays with your other tools, like CRM, analytics software, and sales tools.  

Using these factors (and looking at the tools we use here at Leafeeder!), we put together this list of our fav tools that help drive demand and grow your business.

17 must-have B2B demand generation tools

Demand generation is all about increasing demand for your product or service. However, not every demand generation strategy looks the same. 

If your company is just getting started, you might not have the budget to invest heavily in paid tools, for example. On the other hand, if your company is expanding into new markets, you might need tools to help connect with a global audience.

 This list includes a range of tools, from freebies like Optimize to more advanced tools like Pipedrive, to ensure everyone will find something to love. We'll also break down which types of companies are the best fit for each demand generation tool on the list.

Leadfeeder: Demand generation tool for any size company

Leadfeeder demand generation tool

Price: Free plan for up to three days of data; Premium packages start at $199 per month. A free two-week trial is available.  

Best for Any size B2B team looking for insights into which companies visit their website. 

Leadfeeder (hey, that's us!) is a demand generation software designed to help businesses see what companies visit their website, even if they don't leave their contact information or fill out a form. 

Using IP tracking, we show you what companies view your website, what pages they view, and even where they came from. 

Leadfeeder also provides robust filtering so you can spot hot leads fast. Want to know when someone from your target audience visits? We can do that, down to their location, industry, and even size of the company. 

Our dashboard is pretty intuitive to use, but we also have a detailed knowledge base to help you figure out how to use all the bells and whistles.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Demand generation tool for B2B sales teams

Linkedin Sales Navigator demand gen tool

Price: Plans start at $79.99 per month, starting with a free two-week trial. 

Best for: B2B teams looking to connect with leads more efficiently. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium demand gen tool from LinkedIn. It allows users to access an extended network, see who has viewed your profile, reach out via InMail, use the advanced search, and prioritize and qualify leads in your sales funnel. 

The higher-tier plans offer even more tools for tracking engagement on LinkedIn, creating reports, getting buyer interest alerts, and integrating with your CRM. 

Since it's built-in to LinkedIn, Sales Navigator is easy to use, and most users won't require additional training.

Voila Norbert: Find email addresses to drive your demand gen strategy 

Price: 50 free searches; paid plans start at $49 per month. 

Best for: Any company that wants to find email addresses for new leads.  

Best demand generation tools, Viola Norbert

Email is one of the most effective channels for sales and marketing teams. But sometimes, finding the right contact information is a PIA. Enter Voila Norbert. This simple tool will help you find anyone's email address. 

Have you someone who would make a great fit for your offering but you don't know how to reach out? 

Using Voila Norbert, you can find their email address, and even track contacts with leads right in their dashboard. You can also create lists and add notes to keep you organized.

Pipedrive: CRM to power your demand generation strategy  

Price: Paid plans start at $14.90 per user per month; a free trial is available.  

Best for: Teams leveraging demand generation to drive sales.  

Pipedrive: best demand generation tools

Pipedrive is a CRM designed for and by sales teams. It also integrates with tons of other tools you're probably already using, making it a powerful choice for sales and marketing automation. 

Pipedrive does a lot, making it hard to cover all its features in a short blurb. Essentially, it's a CRM that serves as an account management tool so all information is stored in one place. You can see leads, and deals, track calls, and emails, and sync across multiple platforms so everyone is always on the same page.

Zapier: Automate your demand generation process 

Price: Free for up to 100 tasks a month. Paid plans start at $19.99.  

Best for: Anyone who wants to add automation to their demand gen strategy. 

Best growth marketing tools Zapier

Zapier connects apps together and powers automation. Want to get an email when a new lead messages you? Connect your sales and email software? Zapier connects more than 4,000 different apps so you can stay on top of your demand generation strategy. 

Hit up those high-quality leads with Zapier.

Leadpages: Build landing pages that drive growth  

Price: Paid plans start at $37 per month, billed annually. Free trial. 

Best for: Teams that want to build and test websites, landing pages, pop-ups, and alert bars at scale. 

Leadpages a demand generation tool

Leadpages is a powerful demand generation software tool that helps teams figure out what works and what doesn't. Using templates, you can easily build and test landing pages, pop-up bars, websites, and alert bars with no coding knowledge.

Leadpages is ideal for demand generation because it's scalable, so you can figure out what your audience responds to. It is on the pricey side, so it might not be the best fit if you only have a handful of landing pages. But, if you're constantly launching new campaigns and testing new growth strategies, this is a must-have.

Google Optimize: Test ads, landing pages, and copy to drive growth 

Price: Free 

Best for: Smaller teams that want to leverage A/B testing for demand generation 

Google Optimize, a demand generation tool

A/B testing is crucial to demand generation. This free tool from Google makes it easy to run A/B and split tests on ads, CTAs, homepage, checkout flow, and more. It's intuitive to use and built into Google, making it easy to track results. 

Optimize does limit the number of tests you can perform at the same time (at last check, it was five simultaneous tests), so it's not ideal for larger sites that want to test a ton of changes at once. However, it's free, making it suitable for smaller teams or those who only need to try a few changes.

Ortto (formally Autopilot): Optimize your data in one place

Price: Paid plans start at $29, billed monthly, free trial available - no cc required.

Best for: Fast-growing Saas brands who want to optimize their data in one place.

Demand generation tool, Ortto

You’re good to know between their customer data platform, customer journey marketing, and customer journey analytics features. With Ortto, growth doesn’t have to be a guessing game.

You can eliminate pain points by bringing all of your data together and placing your customer relationships at the forefront of everything you do. Creating lasting 1:1 connections and discovering actionable insights that help convert, engage, and expand are all part of Ortto’s goal.

Pardot: A Saas marketing automation platform

Price: $1,250 billed monthly.

Best for: Salesforce users who have a robust marketing toolkit.

Salesforce Pardot home page screenshot

Pardot is a Saas marketing automation platform created by Salesforce. They offer email automation and targeted email campaigns for email marketing, and lead management for B2B sales and marketing teams.

By automating common tasks including tracking customer behaviors, and creating digital marketing campaigns, Pardot helps teams perform successful demand generation tactics.

Wishpond: A marketing platform

Price: Free trial, requires a meeting to discuss pricing.

Best for: A company looking for a marketing platform that isn’t specified to one industry — I.e. B2B sales, Saas, etc.

Wishpond, a demand generation tool

Wishpond wants its users to be able to reach new customers and increase sales without breaking the bank. While they don’t specify their pricing online, they note that their platform is “affordable”.

Not only does their platform make your day-to-day more efficient, but they also offer an internal team of marketing experts should you need to plan a demand generation campaign.

SEMrush: On-page SEO Analytics

Price: Paid plans start at $119 per month.

Best for: All marketing teams — we’re big SEMrush fans.

best website analytics tools semrush

When it comes to marketing tools, SEMrush is a top one for Leadfeeder. For content marketing, SEO, and other marketing efforts, this tool will guide you to make informed, strategic decisions.

SEMrush shows you how your content is performing generally and also compared to competitors. This tool is great for social media managers as well as you can track analytics and ads too.

As a content marketer, I couldn’t do my part of our larger marketing strategy without the use of SEMrush.

RiteKit: Social media publishing and analytics platform

Price: Plans start at $65 monthly.

Best for: Anyone who makes their living off of social media.

Ritekit, a demand generation tool

Even if you already have a favorite social media publishing platform, RiteKit could still be the answer. On their site, they give use cases for their “RiteBoost” tool that you can use in tandem with other platforms.

They have a neat Chrome extension so that you can utilize your RiteKit package from anywhere on the web.

Also, RiteKit can be used as your all-in-one social management platform. Their “RiteForge” package enables users to create and schedule posts while suggesting the best timing, hashtags, and providing key metrics.

BuzzStream: An end-to-end outreach platform

Price: Paid plans start at $24 a month.

Best for: Anyone who needs a robust outreach platform.

Buzzstream demand generation tool

The strengths of BuzzStream include:

  • Digital PR

  • Link building

  • Content promotion

Using the tool, you’ll be able to build qualified lists in half the time, send better emails at scale, and use their data to increase your conversion rate.

Hotjar: Understand how users behave on your site

Price: Plans start at $113 per month.

Best for: I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Hotjar.

Hotjar demand generation tool

Hotjar does many things, most notable is its heat map feature. Beyond the abilities of Google Analytics, you can see how users navigate around your website down to the spots they hover over but never click.

For example, did the majority of website visitors look at the title of your latest white paper or webinar and hover, but not click. Yikes — maybe that topic isn’t resonating with your ideal customer.

Using this data, you can physically see which touchpoints users are getting stuck on or do not understand. The name of the game in marketing is improving customer experience and Hotjar is a very solid place to start. There are a lot of beneficial case studies around Hotjar data.

Unbounce: Get more conversions

Price: Free trial available, paid plans start at $90 billed monthly.

Best for: Businesses of all sizes who want to turn visitors into customers.

Unbounce lead generation tool

Unbounce is an AI-powered landing page builder with smart features that let you create stunning, high-performing marketing campaigns in minutes.

Its landing pages have helped businesses turn billions of visitors into leads, sales, and signups.

A special feature that Unbounce offers is to build your landing page with AI enabling you to complete them twice as fast.

Oh. And get way better results, too.

Demandbase: Go to market smarter

Price: You’ll have to ask them.

Best for: Marketing, sales, and customer success!

Demandbase demand generation tool

Demandbase enables you to go to market, smarter. With Demandbase, you can inject account intelligence into every step of the buyer journey — through advertising, account-based experience, and sales intelligence.

When you have account blindness, channel silos, data puddles, and manual processes, you’re missing out big time. With a limited birds-eye-view, marketers can’t take everything into account. Demandbase is the solution to fragmented B2B marketing.

ZipMessage: An all-in-one communication platform

Price: Free plan available with paid plans starting at $19 billed monthly.

Best for: Anyone communicating with customers regularly.

Zipmessage demand generation tool

ZipMessage is the iMessage of B2B. You can exchange video, audio, or text messages with clients all in one place. No more communicating between 5 different apps and no more losing/missing client messages.

Get real-time alerts and exchange information without ever having to schedule a call. A dream come true.

Looking for a new demand generation tool? See how Leadfeeder can help 

Gathering data is great, but you need to be able to use it. That's why the latest demand generation tools are all about integration and automation.

These platforms don't just let you gather data and track leads, they share that data across platforms, giving your team access to detailed insights you can use for your demand generation marketing strategy. 

Leadfeeder is a demand gen tool that helps B2B find leads hiding on your own website. Sign up for a free two week trial and start seeing new leads today.

Daire Summerville
By Daire Summerville

Head of Growth at Leadfeeder. Daire is a digital growth expert with expertise in Google Analytics, Google Ads, GTM & SEO.

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