Leadfeeder’s Integration updates for Pipedrive

At Leadfeeder, we just made generating new sales leads a lot easier for Pipedrive users, and we’ve made some updates to our user experience in-app to make it even more streamlined and sophisticated.

Throughout this post, we will walk you through how to make the most of this integration and how to set it up—trust us, it’s quite simple. When we introduced our first CRM integration, we quickly received loads of requests to integrate with different CRM systems. Pipedrive has always been at the very top of that list. Now, we have more than 30 percent of our customer base using the integration daily.


Your Pipedrive integration is available for Leadfeeder Premium and Trial users only. To establish the integration, you’ll need to have “Admin Rights” for your Pipedrive account.


If you’ve come here from Pipedrive, and you haven’t heard of Leadfeeder before, here’s the basics as to what we accomplish here at Leadfeeder for our customers: Google Analytics collects info about your website visitors and Leadfeeder uses this data to identify qualified B2B sales leads.

If you’ve come here from Pipedrive and you haven’t heard of Leadfeeder before, here are the essentials: Google Analytics collects info about your website visitors and Leadfeeder uses this data to identify qualified B2B sales leads.

Now, Leadfeeder is able to push these leads straight to your Pipedrive database, and send an update every time an organization visits your website. This means, you will now know which organizations in your Pipedrive are doing what and going where—on your website—in real-time.

It’s been a big hit for Leadfeeder users who are already using Pipedrive and early results show that this integration has been a huge hit with customers who’ve been trying it out—as we’ve noted, since it’s launch in 2015, more than a third of our customer base is taking advantage of this integration.

If you don’t have a Leadfeeder yet, sign up for our 14-day free trial. Leadfeeder works by connecting to your Google Analytics—so you must have access to your company’s Google Analytics account. No script installation or changes to the website are required. And best of all, getting started with Leadfeeder only takes a few minutes.


If you are using Leadfeeder and Pipedrive together, you can now easily send leads from Leadfeeder to Pipedrive. You can “Create a Deal” for an existing organization, or have Leadfeeder “Create a New Organization” for you. Once a lead in Leadfeeder and an organization in Pipedrive are connected, Leadfeeder keeps updating Pipedrive about new visits on your website.



Step One: Remember: first, make sure you have Admin Rights for your Pipedrive account. Then login to Leadfeeder, select an organization that you want to send to Pipedrive and click the “Connect to CRM” button.

Step Two:You will be taken to our Integrations Page. From there, select Pipedrive, click on the “Continue” button and give consent to Leadfeeder to access your Pipedrive data by clicking on the “Allow and Install” button on the next screen.

Step Three: Magic! Connection complete and initial syncing is loading!

Step Four: Now you can begin to send leads to Pipedrive. In the “Organization Details” view, click the “Click to Connect” button. Select an existing organization to link with your lead, or create a new organization in Pipedrive by clicking “Connect.”


Step Five: Then create a new deal. Before you click “Create Deal,” you can set/create the “Owner of the Deal,” “Pipeline/Stage” and “Deal Title.”

Step Six: This is how a deal created from Leadfeeder will look in Pipedrive. Leadfeeder creates a note and updates custom fields for each website visit. You can also find a link to Leadfeeder as a custom field where you can see all the information related to this organization.


It’s a good idea to sync as many Leadfeeder leads as possible to Pipedrive organizations because Leadfeeder can then update the info in Pipedrive regarding new, unique website visits. By default, Leadfeeder generates a new note for an organization and its connected Deals every time the organization visits your website.

One last tip. Leadfeeder adds links to Pipedrive deals and organizations so you can easily jump straight from Pipedrive to Leadfeeder to see more detail what the companies did on your website, such as which pages they visited, etc.

Want to know more? If you have any questions related to integrating Pipedrive with Leadfeeder just drop us a line at: support@leadfeeder.com

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