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IP Enrichment: How B2B Sales and Marketing Tools Can Thrive In A Cookieless World

29 June 2022

Everyone loves cookies. Except, apparently, Google. As you likely already know, Google announced the end of third-party cookies. Which left a lot of companies scrambling for data about companies visiting their website.

One of the most effective ways to replace all that cookie data is IP intelligence. 

What is IP intelligence and why should you care? 

It's a fancy way of saying you want to transform IP addresses into detailed company data including website, industry, employee count, and a whole lot more. How are B2B marketing and sales tools leveraging this data? Here's what you need to know. 

Leadfeeder's IP API transforms IP addresses into accurate firmographic data in real-time using IP enrichment. 

What is IP enrichment in B2B marketing?

IP enrichment pairs the IP address of companies with a database to provide high-quality firmographic data and actionable insights about site visits.

That sounds complicated, I know. Let's break down what that really means.

Every company has IP addresses. And those IP addresses can be matched with the companies using them.

B2B IP enrichment works by collecting a company's IP address and adding additional data points to every event generated by the user with a given IP address. This way, you can instantly enrich relevant attributes like industry, location, company size, and more, to every IP address.

You can use IP enrich API to identify what companies visit your site and provide personalized experiences to people accessing the web from the IP addresses of these companies.

How B2B marketing tools are using IP enrichment?

So this sounds cool and all, but what are the practical applications?

B2B marketing and sales teams are already leveraging this data in a ton of different ways, but I suspect there is more on the horizon. Sales and marketing tools, for example, are about to get a whole lot cooler.

Here are a few ways your favorite tools might already be using IP enrichment.

Advertising platforms

Advertising platforms

Advertisement vendors can leverage IP enrichment to provide comprehensive account-level data. For example, they can help companies launch IP targeted ABM campaigns while showing customers exactly which companies interact with their campaigns.

Advertising platforms also use IP enrichment to create more targeted IP ads. 

Using IP data, advertising platforms can show their customers: 

  • What companies see their ads. 

  • Which companies engage with their ads. 

  • Create detailed display ads using IP targeting. 

  • Create custom ads based on which company views an ad.  

Whether you run an advertising platform or just use them, the use of IP intelligence data spells better ads and more actionable data. It's a win-win for advertisers and the tools they use.

Online marketplaces and business listing platforms

Online marketplaces and business listing platforms

Marketplaces, such as G2 or Capterra, use IP enrichment to provide valuable and actionable buyer intent and B2B marketing data to their customers.

This lets them show customers what companies view their profile, check their industry category, or research competitors (even when they're working remotely).


chatbots IP enrichment

Once more of a gimmick than a marketing strategy, today's B2B chatbots help businesses provide 24/7 support, personalize recommendations, and even qualify leads. IP address intelligence helps make chatbots even more effective.

Chatbot vendors use IP address intelligence to leverage account-level data in their chatbot software. Chatbots’ customers can identify the anonymous companies visiting their site and provide personalized messages to their target accounts.

They can also set automatic sales assignment rules based on the industry, number of employees, location, and more. In addition, they can see and report the companies that are seeing and interacting with their chatbot campaigns.


CRMs IP enrichment

CRMs are the cornerstone of any B2B marketing or sales strategy. IP address intelligence can make CRMs more effective by enriching CRM leads/contact information to power sales and marketing. 

For example, IP addresses can identify which industry a company is in, employee size, revenue, etc. so the sales team can create more effective pitches. Also, you can connect your CRM with your marketing tech stack to leverage that enriched data to further personalize interactions with customers and prospects.

On other hand, CRMs that use IP enrichment can solve the personalization challenge. For example, they can serve things like custom offers via either chatbot or website interaction depending upon the deal stage within the pipeline.

Website and landing page builders

website builders

Landing page builders, like Unbounce, Wix, Squarespace, can leverage IP enrichment data to personalize landing page copy to specific companies.

For example, you might want to mention the company name, and its location, or share other relevant information based on which company clicks on your landing page. IP data helps you do it.

You can personalize each page of your website with dynamic content variations based on the specific target personas.

For example:

  • companies based in the Netherlands can see Dutch case studies on your home page, while companies from Germany - only German;

  • manufacturing companies will see the list of services that can fit their business model, while tech businesses will see a totally different list of offered services;

  • SMBs with employee size 10-50 people will see different pricing details on your website than giants with 5.000+ employees.

By using Leadfeeder’s IP enrich API and matching IP addresses to a specific company, the opportunities for website personalization are endless.

A/B testing tools

A/B testing IP enrichment

Many of your favorite A/B testing tools also can (or should!) leverage IP marketing data. For example, the data can help personalize a website home page based on the company that visits and tests which version is most effective at driving conversions.

For example, businesses that serve multiple industries could change their homepage copy or images to address the company visiting. If you wanted to get fancy, you could even use the logo or name of the company and test whether that is more effective than a static home page!

Email marketing software

IP data is also helping B2B companies improve their email marketing campaigns. 

By leveraging IP enrichment, email marketing platforms can show customers which companies open their emails based on their IP address and provide additional data to segment audiences by industry, location, company size, and more. 

 Also, email marketing software uses IP intelligence to measure IP reputation for senders based on how often their messages are marked as spam, list quality, and open rate.

Lead scoring tools

Lead scoring tools IP enrichment

Lead scoring tools are one of the most effective ways to improve sales efficiency. Rather than wasting time on low-quality leads, lead scoring helps sales zero in on the leads most likely to convert.

Lead scoring tools leverage IP enrichment to improve autoscoring to help them uncover better sales opportunities and focus on nurturing prospects most likely to convert.

Remember, lead scoring is based on your Ideal Customer Profile. IP intelligence can help zero in on hot leads based on company size, location, industry, and even revenue.

Analytics tools

Analytics tools IP enrichment

Wish your B2B marketing data was a little more effective? You can incorporate firmographic data into your analytics (e.g. Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics). This way, the platform will be able to show you the company, industry, size, and other firmographic data about the companies engaging with your marketing and advertising efforts.

Marketing automation tools

Why waste time on tedious manual tasks when the robots can do it for you? Using IP enrichment data, businesses can turn marketing automation into a super-smart personalized experience.

For example, a welcome series could mention the prospect's industry, location, or specific pain points they face.

Appointment scheduling and booking software 

Appointment scheduling and booking tools (think Calendly or Zoho Booking) can leverage IP.

Intelligence data to display different meeting options based on the company viewing it.

For example, if prospects in finance need a longer demo time than those in marketing, the platform could offer finance companies an hour-long demo appointment and everyone else a 30-minute window (or you might want to book all enterprise company meetings on the same day).

Also, appointment scheduling software that uses IP Intelligence provides you with such options as allowing high-value companies to book a time slot directly on your Calendy, while low-quality companies need to submit a request that gets qualified by an SDR.

Enrich any IP address in real-time with Leadfeeder

You want to work smarter, not harder—and IP address intelligence helps you do just that. Providing companies and platforms with enriched data about prospects allows sales and marketing to spend more time building successful campaigns and less time slogging through data. 

Want in? Leadfeeder provides B2B platforms like yours with the IP data intelligence tools you need to stand out. To get started, read more about our IP enrich API and get in touch with Leadfeeder experts.

We'll get to work translating IP addresses into accurate firmographic data in real-time. Incorporate this data into your product and provide your customers with better B2B personalization, targeting, and insights. 

Want to learn more about Leadfeeder's IP enrich API? Let’s chat!

Daire Summerville
By Daire Summerville

Head of Growth at Leadfeeder. Daire is a digital growth expert with expertise in Google Analytics, Google Ads, GTM & SEO.

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