Top 43 B2B Marketing Software Tools for 2022 (By Use Case)

Top 44 B2B Marketing Software Tools To Use in 2024

19 February 2024

Most of the content that talks about B2B marketing software offers you a big list of generic B2B (business-to-business) software and calls it a day. But the reality is, there are few tools out there that can effectively “do it all.”

And the features, integrations, and other factors you need depend entirely on you and your company.

Maybe that means you need a solution that does email marketing automation and plays nicely with the rest of your stack. Maybe it means you need a tool to help you identify more leads. Or maybe you need a combination of B2B marketing software to help streamline the efforts of your B2B marketing strategy.

Either way, you don’t need the same marketing stack and B2B software as every other company — you need one that works for you and your key performance metrics.

So instead of listing a few one-size-fits-all marketing tools, we’re breaking it down. Below, we share the best high-qualityB2B marketing software for eight common use cases:

  • B2B Lead Generation and Nurturing

  • B2B Email Marketing Software

  • B2B Content Marketing and SEO

  • B2B Marketing Automation Tools

  • B2B Marketing Attribution Platforms

  • B2B Social Media Management Software

  • B2B Marketing Analytics Tools

  • Account-Based Marketing Software

Note: If what you need is a way to identify more quality leads and better understand the companies visiting your website, sign up and try Leadfeeder free for 14 days.

B2B Lead Generation and Nurturing Software

From generating leads and scoring qualifications to nurturing those leads, these lead generation tools have everything you need to convert more accounts into new customers.


Leadfeeder website visitor identification solution

Pricing: 14-day free trial, paid plans starting at €99/month.

Rating: 4.3 stars on G2

Leadfeeder is a powerful tool that helps businesses understand and engage with companies that visit their website in real time. With Leadfeeder, you can track company behavior, gain insights into their interests, and use that data to optimize your website for better engagement and conversions.

The website visitor identification solution offers a range of features, including live visitor tracking, versatile filtering, automatic lead scoring, powerful contacts insight, email marketing integrations, website forms tracking, and real-time notifications, making it the perfect solution for businesses looking to improve their website's performance.

Whether you're an e-commerce business looking to increase sales or a B2B company trying to generate more leads, Leadfeeder is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals. 

It's time to take your website to the next level with Leadfeeder!

Leadfeeder for marketing

Leadfeeder for Marketing

Track site visitors, measure campaign success, and find more qualified leads.



Act-On B2B Marketing Tool
  • Pricing: Paid plans start at $900/month

Act-On is one of the most full-featured lead generation and nurturing tools — and it’s designed for enterprise. Their platform helps B2B marketers drive the right kind of traffic, build landing pages that are optimized for conversion, and create intuitive forms to capture leads.


b2b marketing software tools 3
  • Pricing: 15-day free trial and paid plans start at $400/month

LeadSquared is designed, in their words, to help marketing push leads through the funnel faster. With features to help you understand and spot buying intent signals, capture leads, and visualize the user journey, LeadSquared has what B2B marketers need.


b2b marketing software tools 4
  • Pricing: Free 14-day trial and paid plans start at $37/month (billed annually)

Designed for smaller B2B businesses, Leadpages aims to help you connect with your audience, capture leads, and close more sales. Their simple websites and landing pages make it seamless for even the smallest businesses to create a professional, high-converting web presence.


b2b marketing software tools 5
  • Pricing: Plans start at $449/month

SharpSpring’s platform is all about getting to know potential customers better — so you can more effectively market and sell to them. With features like dynamic form and landing page builders, it’s a slam dunk for lead nurturing.


b2b marketing software tools 6
  • Pricing: Sumo offers a free plan and paid plans start at $39/month

Sumo is the definition of lead generation and email capture made easy. As their homepage boasts, it just takes two steps to get started: Installing Sumo and activating your capture form. That’s it!


b2b marketing software tools 7
  • Pricing: 30-day free trial; paid plans start at $599 per month, $539 per month paid quarterly, or $509 per month billed annually.

Ortto is all about building a lead generation and nurturing process — then automating it to run without any more effort from you. The tool makes it easy to design personalized customer experiences that capture and convert.


OptinMonster B2B marketing tool
  • Pricing: Basic plan starts at $9 per month, billed annually.

OptinMonster is one of the most resourceful tools for converting web traffic into leads and subscribers thanks to its innovative conversion optimization features, including:

  • Drag-and-drop builder to customize opt-in forms 

  •  More than 100 pre-built templates for creating appealing lead forms

  • Lightbox pop-ups, scroll boxes, and floating bars to seamlessly capture email addresses 

  • Gamified wheels to make your opt-in campaigns more fun

  • Exit-intent detection to engage users who are about to bounce with a targeted pop-up

  • Page-level targeting to display personalized opt-in campaigns based on a user's behavior

  • Geolocation targeting to personalize opt-in campaigns based on a user's location

Better yet, OptinMonster breaks the lead generation and conversion process down into three steps:

  • Design an aesthetic offer using OptinMonster's ready-made templates, or build your own from scratch.

  • Leverage OptinMonster's behavioral targeting and segmentation engine to personalize your offer.

  • Analyze the results and modify your strategy to boost your conversion rate.

B2B Email Marketing Software

From building B2B campaigns to segmenting audiences and automating it all, the email marketing tools below are ready for action.


b2b marketing software tools 9
  • Pricing: 14-day free trial; paid plans for one user start at $29 per month billed yearly or $39 per month billed monthly.

ActiveCampaign is the email marketing and marketing automation tool for the whole customer lifecycle. In their words, “turning leads into customers into repeat customers.” From subscription forms to email segmentation and split testing, ActiveCampaign has everything you need to do just that.


outfunnel b2b email marketing software
  • Pricing: 14-day free trial; paid plans start at $29 per month, with a 16 percent discount if billed annually.

Outfunnel is a B2B marketing automation tool that features deep integrations with CRMs. Use it to send drip email sequences or one-off emails to your CRM contacts and sync the engagement data back to your CRM. Web tracking and lead scoring features are the cherries on top, giving your sales team more context so they can close more deals.

b2b marketing software tools 10
  • Pricing: Plans start at $100 per month.’s email marketing automation platform is based on two main things: empowering marketers with the data to best target leads, and automating the whole process. The solution also includes A/B testing features to help marketers continuously improve their campaigns.

Constant Contact

b2b marketing software-tools 11
  • Pricing: Plans start at $12 per month for one user.

Constant Contact is one of the original email marketing solutions. With email templates to get you started in a hurry and automation to keep the whole thing moving, the software has everything B2B marketers need to make email count.


b2b marketing software tools 12
  • Pricing: Seven-day free trial; paid plans start at $99 per month for one user.

Litmus is one email marketing tool that’s designed around the idea of continuous improvement — making it easy to build, test, and analyze your email campaigns. Working on top of your existing email service provider, Litmus boasts their tool is “the quickest way to design, code, and test across 90+ apps and devices.”


GetResponse B2B marketing tool
  • Pricing: 30-day free trial; paid plans start at $15.60 per month billed annually.

GetResponse uses AI to help you auto-generate emails that are optimized based on your target audience, industry, or keywords. You can also use the tool's innovative drag-and-drop editor to design unique email templates and write engaging messages. Features that make GetResponse an ideal email marketing tool include:

  • Prompt email broadcasts to engage your subscriber community with relevant newsletters

  • Email autoresponders to facilitate real-time communication and engagement

  • Automated emails that are personalized based on user behaviors

  • Abandoned-cart emails to prompt customers to complete purchases

  • RSS-to-email feeds to convert blog content into email newsletters

  • Transactional emails to provide customers with sequenced updates for each purchase

GetResponse boasts a 99 percent delivery rate in 160-plus countries, making it the perfect tool for global B2B companies. It also offers an advanced segmentation feature that enables you to optimize your email subscriber list based on user engagement and behavioral stats.

B2B Content Marketing and SEO Software

A lot goes into content marketing and SEO for B2B companies. The tools below can take care of keyword research, content creation, search performance analytics, and more.


b2b marketing software tools 13
  • Pricing: 30-day free trial and paid features start at $99/month for Moz Pro

Moz is one of the best-known all-in-one tools for search engine optimization (SEO). With tools to help marketers research keywords, audit their website, track keyword rankings, and analyze backlinks, Moz has everything B2B marketers need.


b2b marketing software-tools 14
  • Pricing: Plans start at $99 per month.

Ahrefs is one SEO solution that’s designed to do more than just optimize your website, with features to help marketers grow search traffic, research competitors, and keep a pulse on the industry.


b2b marketing software tools 15
  • Pricing: 30-day free trial; plans start at $199 per month for one user.

BuzzSumo promises to help marketers “find the content that performs best” — whether that’s on their own site or anywhere across the web. The tool helps you research content that works, discover new content ideas, and monitor content performance.


b2b marketing software tools 16
  • Pricing: Free version available; Yoast SEO Premium costs $99 per year.

Yoast is best known for their WordPress plugin, which makes it easy to optimize new blog posts and other content for search without conducting outside keyword research or leaving the WordPress editor.


b2b marketing software tools 17
  • Pricing: $199 per month for unlimited users.

Clearscope uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help content creators build content with the best possible chance of ranking for their chosen keyword. The tool includes features to help with keyword research, content planning, and optimization — they even include a Google Docs extension to make the optimization process a breeze.


b2b marketing software tools 18
  • Pricing: Seven-day free trial; paid plans start $129.95 per month or $108.33 per month billed annually.

SEMrush is designed to help with every aspect of SEO, from technical audits and optimization to position tracking and suggestions for growing your organic traffic. The tool can also handle paid ads, competitive intelligence, and more.

Google Search Console

b2b marketing software tools 19
  • Pricing: Free

Google’s Search Console platform is essentially the next step after Google Analytics. It’s designed to help marketers measure search performance with more depth, identify and fix technical issues, and build a better search presence overall.

B2B Marketing Automation Software

Not every team needs a marketing automation tool — but when the time comes, the options below have marketing teams of anywhere from 1 to 100 covered.


b2b marketing software tools 20
  • Pricing: Contact Adobe for pricing details

Recently acquired by Adobe, Marketo is one of the best known marketing automation platforms for enterprise companies. With support for everything from lead management and email marketing to account-based marketing (ABM) and attribution, Marketo has everything B2B marketers need to drive more revenue.


Eloqua B2B marketing tool
  • Pricing: Contact Oracle for pricing information

Now part of the Oracle suite of products, Eloqua’s marketing automation software handles everything B2B and enterprise marketers need — with features designed to help with targeting and segmentation, campaign management, lead management, and even creating better alignment between sales and marketing.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

b2b marketing software tools 22
  • Pricing: Professional plan starts at $890 per month or $800 per month billed annually at $9,600.

With features that help you create content, attract visitors, convert leads, and more, HubSpot Marketing Hub is undoubtedly the go-to inbound marketing automation software for small-to-medium businesses.


b2b marketing software tools 23
  • Pricing: Plans start at $1,250/month

Part of Salesforce, Pardot is the enterprise B2B marketing automation platform that’s designed to help marketers work better with sales — in part by creating more customer relationships, connections and generating more leads. It also works seamlessly with Salesforce CRM.


b2b marketing software tools 24
  • Pricing: Free version; paid plan starts at $6.50 per month.

Mailchimp is best known for their email marketing automation software, but they’ve expanded far beyond email. With features designed to turn audience insights into landing pages, signup forms, new audiences, Mailchimp is a powerhouse all-in-one marketing automation tool these days.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM B2B marketing tool
  • Pricing: Plans start at $20 per user per month paid monthly, or $14 per user per month billed annually.

When it comes to marketing automation, Zoho CRM is a powerhouse. With Zoho, you can automate a whole range of marketing activities, including: 

  • Customer segmentation

  • Marketing analysis

  • Lead nurturing

  • Event management

  • Market attribution

  • Scanning business cards

  • Survey campaigns

Zoho's rich integrations with common tools such as Google Workspace, Shopify, and Slack further enhance your efforts. The best part about this tool is that you can simultaneously use it as a CRM and automation solution.

B2B Marketing Attribution Software

Marketing budgets are limited — we get it. The tools below can help you narrow in on your most effective campaigns, marketing channels, and assets, so you can double-down on what works.


b2b marketing software tools 25
  • Pricing: Contact Nielsen for pricing details

Formerly Visual IQ, Nielsen Marketing Effectiveness is all about showing marketers “the right performance insights for every marketing role.” On the attribution side, that means offering in-flight marketing attribution to help you optimize budgets and spend on the fly.

Google Attribution

b2b marketing software tools 26
  • Pricing: Currently in Beta

While currently only available in Beta for Google Analytics 360 users, Google’s Attribution tool promises to be super valuable. The site draws on Google’s machine learning to distribute attribution more accurately across ad clicks throughout the funnel.

Neustar Marketshare

b2b marketing software tools 27
  • Pricing: Contact Neustar for pricing information

Neustar offers a wide variety of solutions across multiple industries. Their marketing solution includes Customer Analytics — a tool that brings together measurement, analytics, and attribution to help marketers better understand the impact of their marketing efforts.

Ruler Analytics

b2b marketing software tools 28
  • Pricing: Plans start at £179/month (billed annually)

One of the few marketing attribution tools designed to bring offline and digital marketing together, Ruler Analytics promises to “close the loop between leads and revenue.” The platform pulls data from forms, call tracking, live chat, and more to create multi-touch marketing attribution.

B2B Social Media Software

From writing and scheduling posts to monitoring social conversations and providing support, the software options below hold tons of value for social media managers and marketers alike.


b2b marketing software tools 29
  • Pricing: 30-day free trial; paid plans start at $99 per month for one user and 10 social accounts.

Social media marketing is about more than just creating viral posts. Hootsuite’s platform is designed to reflect that. With features to help marketers find new prospects and serve existing customers, it’s one of the most robust social media platforms on the market (and one of the most popular ones among marketing agencies and small businesses). You can use Hootsuite for over 20 social media channels, including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.


b2b marketing software tools 30
  • Pricing: Free trial available; paid plans start at $6 per month per channel.

What started as a tool for scheduling social media posts has grown into a three-pronged social media management solution. With tools built for social media publishing, customer service, and measurement, Buffer’s offering is up to the task of today’s B2B market.


b2b marketing software-tools 31
  • Pricing: Free version for one user; paid plans start at $19 per user per month for up to three users and five social profiles.

CoSchedule started as a way to keep track of scheduling across all your social media. Today, it’s a full-on marketing calendar with support for content, social media, email marketing, online events (such as webinars), and more.

Sprout Social

b2b marketing software tools 32
  • Pricing: 30-day free trial; paid plans start at $249 per month.

Sprout Social boasts the “only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection.” The tool promises to help marketers better understand, reach, and engage with their audiences, while providing the performance measurement needed to grow over time.


b2b marketing software tools 33
  • Pricing: 14-day free trial; paid plans for one user start at $49 per month or $41 per month billed annually.

Mention is positioned more as a social listening tool. The platforms helps marketers monitor the web for brand mentions and audience conversations. Then it helps analyze and visualize that data to make sense of how people are talking about the brand.

B2B Marketing Analytics Software

Your B2B marketing efforts should always be on a path of constant improvement. With the marketing analytics platforms below, you can get a better sense of where you stand and where you can improve.

Google Analytics

b2b marketing software tools 34
  • Pricing: Free

In the marketing world, Google Analytics is a no-brainer — but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention it here. Simply put, Google Analytics is the most comprehensive tool available to help marketers understand their website’s performance, from engagement and traffic to conversions (especially their new GA4).


b2b marketing software tools 35
  • Pricing: 14-day free trial then paid plans start at $15 per user/month (billed annually)

Tableau takes mountains of data and makes it visual and effortlessly accessible. The platform promises “the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for your data,” meaning it’s a solution you can deploy throughout the organization — not just the marketing team.


b2b marketing software tools 36
  • Pricing: Flexible plans based on events, starting at $25.99 per month for 10,000 events.

While session-based analytics (like the ones Google Analytics provides) can get you pretty far, Kissmetrics takes it several steps further with user-based insights. Segment your data by cohort, customer journey, behavior, and more to get to the heart of your marketing performance.


b2b marketing software tools 37
  • Pricing: Flexible plan-based pricing starting at $20 per month.

Mixpanel takes marketing analytics to another level. Not only does the software help you analyze user behavior across platforms, it also enables marketers to run experiments to change that behavior for the better.


b2b marketing software tools 38
  • Pricing: Contact Chartbeat for pricing details

Chartbeat is designed for content analytics, but it packs a whole lot of value into the tool — with features that help marketers grow their audience, improve engagement, and make data-backed editorial decisions.

B2B Account-Based Marketing Software

Account-based marketing is fundamentally different from traditional marketing — and often requires a completely different software stack. The tools below serve as a perfect starting point to get your ABM stack working for you.

b2b marketing software tools 39
  • Pricing: Plan billed annually at $60,000 with a $540,000 yearly as spend limit. uses AI to optimizeaccount-based marketing campaigns across all of your paid media at scale. The website promises marketers can “watch CPLs drop and your conversion rates climb.”

Bonus: You can use together with Leadfeeder to run true account-based retargeting ads.


b2b marketing software tools 41
  • Pricing: Owler offers a free plan and paid plans start at $35/month (billed annualy)

Owler provides news alerts and notifications that monitor the web and help marketers, executives, and sales pros stay on top of the companies that matter to them. Discover companies based on industry, geography, revenue, employee count, and more — then get customized real-time alerts that keep you in the loop.


b2b marketing software tools 44
  • Pricing: Contact Triblio for details on pricing

Triblio promises an all-in-one ABM solution that enables marketers to boost conversions, target ads to the right stakeholders, identify accounts and score engagement, and hand-off accounts to sales.

Make Your Team More Effective and Stay on Top of Marketing Trends

The B2B marketing software you use needs to meet the business needs of both your company and your team. With the tools listed above, you have a ton of A+ options to pick and choose exactly what’s missing from your current stack.

Leadfeeder for marketing

Leadfeeder for Marketing

Track site visitors, measure campaign success, and find more qualified leads.


Romana Hoekstra
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