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Leadfeeder For Enterprise Companies: Uncover New Leads, Track Existing Campaigns, and Understand Your Market

05 May 2021

Ah, enterprise: The world of red tape, too many meetings, and an odd affinity for buzzwords. 

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(Well, startups seem to love buzzwords, too, so you aren't alone there.) 

Enterprise companies face specific challenges, which means an equally unique solution is needed.

If your enterprise company is struggling to find leads and convert prospects, Leadfeeder can help. 


By turning anonymous website visitors into real prospects for your enterprise business. (We promise to keep the circling-back to a minimum.) 

You're busy, so here’s a TL;DR/table of contents:

  • What is Leadfeeder, anyway? 

  • 7 ways Leadfeeder can drive growth for enterprise companies 

  • Uncover anonymous site visitors 

  • Powerful feeds to filter leads

  • Find the right decision-makers

  • Powerful feed filters to sort data 

  • Limit user account access 

  • Integrate with your tech stack

  • Gather more data for ABM strategies 

  • Conclusion 

Note: Ready to find warm, qualified leads for your enterprise business? Sign up for Leadfeeder’s free 14-day trial.

What is Leadfeeder, and how can it help your enterprise business? 

Leadfeeder is a website visitor tracking software that identifies companies that visit your company's website (even if they don't fill out a contact form or download a lead magnet).

Louder for the people in the back! 

It's an ideal solution for improving lead generation, powering the sales outreach process, and supporting account-based marketing. 

So, how does Leadfeeder work? 

Leadfeeder uses a custom tracking code that gathers IP data from people who visit your website. The data is enriched with contact information and social media accounts to help you reach those prospects. 

But we don't just tell you who visited your site; we tell you what they did upon arrival.

Want to see which companies visited your website in the last week, read your new blog post, and viewed your product pages? 

We can do that. (And that's just the tip of the iceberg.) 

Since we don't track people (only companies), there are no data privacy issues. 

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Plus, we integrate with your sales and marketing stack to deliver those valuable leads to your CRM, email platform, or workflow tools.

6 ways Leadfeeder can super-charge your enterprise company

Your enterprise company needs solutions that work with your existing infrastructure and have the bandwidth and security measures you require. But, you also need access to data your competitors don't have — and the ability to follow up with valuable leads. 

Better data? ✅  

Integrates with the tools you already use?  ✅

Data sorting so all teams can find just what they need?  ✅ 

Leedfeeder does that and more. Here are a few ways we can help your enterprise company grow.   

Uncover (anonymous) website visitors 

Is your company struggling to find more (or better quality) leads? 

Leadfeeder provides access to robust data about who visits your website — even if they don't fill out your carefully optimized lead gen form or schedule a demo. 

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We turn anonymous website traffic into actual data you can use to fill your sales pipeline, track your marketing campaigns' efficacy, and gather the information your sales team needs to build robust, personalized outreach campaigns. 

For example, Leadfeeder can uncover the email address of ideal contacts, show you what site pages they visited, and even assign valuable leads to the right sales rep in real-time. 

Powerful feeds to filter leads

Not all website visits are equal. 

Even within your own company, different teams care about different metrics. 

For example, your North American sales team might want to see leads from North America, while your EU marketing team might want to see the visits driven by a recent email campaign. 

That's where Leadfeeder's powerful feeds come to the rescue. 

Custom feed filters allow teams and individuals to create feeds based on which leads are most valuable (to them). 

Filter feeds based on: 

  • Acquisition: ad content, campaign, keyword, source, medium, referring URL  

  • Company information: City, company, country, employee count, industry, region 

  • Behavior: Page visits, length of visit, page URL, quality 

  • Leadfeeder activity: Assignee, leads that are emailed, leads sent to Slack, and tags 

  • CRM activity (if CRM is connected): Company created, lead owner, deal created, deal owner, deal stage, deal status, task status 

Your enterprise company isn't interested in just one type of lead — and Leadfeeder ensures every department (and person) can find precisely the information they need. 

Find the right decision-makers 

Sometimes the biggest struggle isn't finding leads — it's finding the right person to contact. Leadfeeder provides enriched company contact information so you can easily locate the right person to pitch. 

Sort contact based on job role, seniority, location, and more. Then, scout the social media profiles of key decision-makers so your team can prepare a strong pitch. 

Less time researching means more time for focusing on strategy. (Or attending meetings that could have been an email.) 

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Easy to implement user access limits 

Security is crucial — especially at the enterprise level. Leadfeeder's user access limits allow you quickly limited data and account access to prevent security issues. 

An admin user can access and update any part of your account. However, All Accounts or Limited users are limited to viewing most data, such as company and account information, integrations, billing info, and credit cards.  

All users can view leads, set up their feeds, and access all the features that make Leadfeeder powerful. 

P.S: You can add as many users as you need to Leadfeeder at no extra charge. 

Use integration to streamline your workflow 

Enterprise companies often lack the agility of smaller businesses. The inability to move quickly could result in missing out on hot leads.

Leadfeeder's integration and automation features help us fit seamlessly into your current workflow. For example, you can connect to your CRM and automatically assign leads to the right salesperson or send leads from Germany to your German leads' Slack channel. 

The power of automation (and integration) helps Leadfeeder make your life easier — while providing your enterprise company with the data you need to be more competitive. 

Get more data for account-based marketing (ABM) strategies 

Account-based marketing is a focused marketing approach used to target specific companies with personalized campaigns. Leadfeeder can help your company identify ABM targets, see when those companies visit your site, and track what actions they take once they get there.

Then, you can use Leadfeeder to help rank ABM prospects and track the efficacy of content initiatives.

If you’re currently using ABM or considering adding it to your arsenal, we’ll help make your efforts effective.


You didn't get to the top by using the same boring lead gen and sales strategies as everyone else. Let Leadfeeder help your enterprise company turn anonymous leads into real prospects and sort that data with powerful, customizable feed filters.

Leadfeeder has a free 14 day trial for new customers. Let us know what you think.

More leads, no forms.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Identify companies already visiting your website and turn them into qualified leads to fuel your sales pipeline.

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