New Improvement: Automagical Lead-to-Deal Automation Feature From Leadfeeder to Pipedrive Has Arrived!

New Improvement: New Feature From Leadfeeder to Pipedrive Has Arrived!

04 September 2020

We’re excited to announce, Leadfeeder is launching a new and exciting automation feature for Pipedrive!

Now, you can:

  • Define what type of Filters would qualify a visiting company as a sales qualified lead.

  • Have new Organizations, Deals and Activities automatically created in your Pipedrive pipeline with relevant context and information to be acted upon, based on filters you define.

Before this new feature, Leadfeeder could only connect website visit information to existing Pipedrive Organizations and Deals, which would add this detailed website visitor information as Notes in Pipedrive.

We get it: You, and the sales and marketing teams work hard, and yet only roughly 2 percent of website visitors respond to the call-to-actions on your pages, such as fill in the email forms or respond to the triggered chatbot conversations, thereby turning into an actual lead… so, now what?

For a salesperson, it would be extremely helpful to know that there’s been multiple visits from this interesting, targeted company who have visited the landing page and other key content on the website—despite not filling in the form.

You can’t, however, require that a salesperson, busy with hitting his quota, would be able to invest time in doing investigation work in a separate tool that yields this online information…

This is where Leadfeeder’s Automation for Pipedrive comes into play!

This changes the game in several ways:

For new customer acquisition: Discover new interesting prospects. The feature automatically fills-in the sales pipeline according to the preferences you would use qualifying the leads themselves.

For upselling opportunities: Receive upsell and/or follow-up activity automatically which works well in case there’s no scheduled follow-up for that deal.

Our customer, Kuulu, has been gaining great success with using Leadfeeder and Pipedrive before, and now they are super excited about the new automation capabilities.

We here at Kuulu, a Finland-based marketing agency, have been using both Pipedrive and Leadfeeder actively for three years, and during that time these two solutions have helped Kuulu grow its sales by almost 500 percent.

Ville Pohjonen, Creative Director @ Kuulu

Now, Let’s Walk-Through the Automation Features and How It Helps Solve Problems

First, define what type of website visitors you are interested in.

For example, the companies from the geographical territory you’re responsible for, and those territories which don’t yet exist on your radar (for instance, no organization available in Pipedrive). If one of these companies has visited your site X amount of times and has browsed one of your key pages—such as the pricing and/or contact us pages—then it’s definitely something a salesperson would be interested in.


Next, define do you want an Organization or a Deal, or an Activity being created within your Pipedrive pipeline. You can also define the parameters of when the Automation will be triggered, such as:

  • Once a week for the past week’s website visitors

  • Once a day for the past day’s visitors

  • Or always when Leadfeeder identifies new visiting companies that fit to the profile you defined in the the first step


This new Leadfeeder Automation feature will save time for those teams responsible for lead generation by automatically funneling the qualified leads to their sales people to act upon.

It also automatizes the prospecting done by salespeople, since they can use similar qualification criteria they would use otherwise, but in this manner, taking out the manual processing.

Wait, There’s More…

For our clients who don’t yet use Pipedrive, the Leadfeeder Automation provides also ways to automatically assign or tag leads or share them via email and Slack. Read this help center article to know more.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Leadfeeder Automation feeds my Pipedrive’s prospecting pipeline regularly with qualified companies. As a busy sales director, this contributes to my daily sales activities massively.

Mikko Tuominen, Head of Sales @

We see that marketing and sales alignment is moving from one SaaS-service towards platform solutions, where we identify tools for our needs and glue them together to work smoothly. For our growth, it’s crucial to keep the sales people up-to-date with existing clients’ online behavior. With the new Leadfeeder automation, our sales people doesn’t miss any relevant sales signals our clients conduct online, but get notified about them within their Pipedrive activity lists.

Lotta Siutla, Marketing Director @ Sofokus

With Leadfeeder Automation, we are able to reduce the gap between online marketing and sales for our clients. By automatically connecting the right landing page and prospect with the right person, we show the outcome of online campaigns besides the hard and soft conversions we are measuring in Google Analytics.

Sander Geijtenbeek, Founder/MD @ Sageon

For more information and to try it for yourself visit: the Leadfeeder (Dealfront) App at Pipedrive’ marketplace. Leadfeeder also offers a free trial for 14 days.

Anna Crowe
By Anna Crowe

Anna works as a SEO Consultant and writer for Search Engine Land. Over the last decade, Anna has successfully developed and implemented online marketing strategies, SEO, and conversion campaigns for 100+ businesses of all sizes; from the Fortune 500, to startups, and nonprofits. She enjoys burritos and puppies (in that order).

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